Friday, 13 February 2009


Alexandra does it again- something positive. It’s a nice change considering all the negative attention her and her family have been receiving from the press.
Miss Burke has reportedly signed a US record deal with Epic Records worth £3 million and it’s a five album contract. No pressure there then.
I don’t doubt that Alexandra will do well, she has the voice, the moves the looks and most importantly she has a personality. VERY IMPORTANT! You cannot be in the music industry and not have any personality- the computer says NO. It will be interesting to see what kind of album the Alexandra camp put out this year watch this space……


This film was actually very funny! Very good...

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Blog pages and media outlets have gone into over drive about these two. I didn’t really want to get dragged into the whole Chrianna situation but I can’t help but comment. The story is unfolding more and more as the day’s go by and we’ll never really know the in’s and out’s of what happened in LA the early hours of Sunday morning.

Chris Brown what happened bruv? If you did beat/hit Rhianna which it seems more than likely you did, what pushed you so far? Were you sniffing something that night? Did you have too much to drink? Did Rhianna provoke you? Not that any of the above condones his behaviour! Real talk though I think Chris Brown’s career might/is OVER! I don’t see what he can possibly do to come back from this, a public apology-not enough, a few months laying low (which he will do)-not enough, you could go to church and turn into a pastor still not enough. Your career will NEVER be the same again and all for what? You’ll always be associated with the Rhianna beating- not a good look! Not even The Game has been accused of hitting a woman or has he? Chris why didn’t you just walk away?!?!?

Brown had a lot of potential; he can sing, dance he was the next Usher in the making. He had started to cross over to the pop genre of music as we all know pop music sells and could easily fill Arena’s around the world. He has/had a strong female following and many impressionable fans. Loosing several adverts and sponsorships is just the start of a domino effect of worse things to come. The fact that this situation has become so publicised and that he is so young doesn’t help.

Rhianna will go from strength to strength after this and will just come back even fiercer. The public will be sympathetic towards her and that will help propel her even further into pop stardom. Though were not going to see Miss Rhi Rhi for a hot minute she has to get herself together, heal mentally and emotionally and get ready to face the barrage of questions that will be hurled her way.

Let’s not forget these two are only young, tried the whole we are just friends (side-eye), had matching tattoos (an ultimate no no), have endless money to play with; camera’s following their every move, insecurities and jealousy from Rhiannna (so the media claims) and female hotties flinging themselves left right and centre at Chris (a temptation most men would find hard to resist). The pressures must have been hard for both of them and regardless of what happened they will still have feelings for each other. Can they and will they stay together after this?

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

It's bigger than.....

What is it about this song that gets everybody so hyped? People go on like there high on suttin. I remember back in the day when I would rave every weekend and as soon as the DJ dropped this tune everybody would go MAD!!!! The man’s would be jumping up and down licking anybody who’s in their way (errrr excuse me no manners) and the girls trying to rhyme to every line. The only line I know’s bigger than hip-hop, hip-hop, hip-hop….. DJ PULL UP!!!!!!!

Considering we’re in a recession and most people are BRUCK!!!!Yesterday was the perfect excuse to stay in and watch good old TV. Yes I’m talking about The Grammy’s. The overall show was okay I was disappointed with almost all of the performances. The most anticipated had to be Jay Z, T.I, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and M.I.A. When I heard they were going to be performing I thought YES this has to be the performance of the night. Performance of the night it was not! I didn’t really feel any stage presence it seemed boring, not even Jay Z rocked my boat. T.I seemed like he was shouting (easy bro you may spit in somebody's eye) and Kanye still needs a hair cut.
Estelle and Kanye’s performance seemed as though they were shoved onto a little stage at the back of the arena and the crowd were persuaded to say a little WHOOO every now and then. Plus the fact I think everyone is truly tired of hearing “American Boy” they just can’t be bothered to sing to it anymore. I sure know I can’t.
Coldplays performance got me tapping my foot more than any other act I was ready to start jumping around my room. J Hudson has to get her props for coming back strong as it has been a hard few months for her.
Commiserations to Leona Lewis, Neyo and Jazmine Sullivan they should have took one of those awards home too.
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