Friday, 18 September 2009

The Worlds Strictest Parents!

This programme lived up to its title. Each week focuses on a pair of spoilt unruly teenagers whose parents have had enough of their lip service and bad attitude and send them off to get some manners. Tuesday’s episode saw teen's Charlotte and Sam sent off to Jamaica (don’t ramp). Now obviously these kids thought it would be all fun and games and thought the Caribbean was going to be like the Sandals advert that we see on the TV – err no!!!!!!!!

They went to live with a Christian family and experienced the school system for a week and soon learnt that they get away with murder here in the UK. The school teachers and guardians weren’t tolerating any foolishness and disciplined them well. They didn’t even need to raise their voice. The school practiced safe sex which meant NO sex in their eyes. You know how promiscuous kids are generally today. It really got me thinking about the society we live in and how things have changed since my childhood.

My school era didn’t include boyfriends and when I did have a sneaky one oh how things were different. None of this giving out my phone number as I didn’t have a mobile and giving out the house number was not an option -you mad! He wasn’t even allowed in the house and would talk to me on the doorstep standard! Even then my mom didn't know who he really was. I didn't appreciate the strict regime then but I sure do now. These kids have it way too easy!!!

Next weeks teens are going to Ghana….ooooh there going to give it to dem! Catch it next Tuesday on BBC One from 22:35 onwards.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

FIERCE SHOES! (minus the string)

Yes, yes I have brought yet another pair of shoes (side-eye). A woman can never have too many shoes....well they can. I've had my eye on these beauties since the beginning of the year. They are the Gucci Iman shoes and I blogged about them months ago. Now obviously mine are not designer but a cheaper alternative.

Matalan stocked them in a black patent and metallic grey/silver colour for £16 but I missed the boat. Then I noticed Peacocks were stocking them in Navy Blue, Fuchsia Pink and White. I tried them on umpteen times but told myself K-Hart “fall back.... you don't need any more shoes”. So I did what most woman do and looked at them longingly every time I walked past the shop window lol. However I took farce yesterday and popped into Peacocks just to see what their shoe section was saying and lo and behold theses shoes had gone down from £20 to £10 hoooody hoooooo. Of course I didn't hesitate and literally ran to the till with my babies.

How to wear these shoes....

* DO NOT wear with jeans (not even skinnies) as the main focus of these shoes is the ankle buckle detail.

* If you choose to wear them with leggings change up the colour i.e. mine are blue so I can get away with black leggings and a nice black top. If you buy a black pair team with non black leggings for a bit of variety.

* team them with a skirt (tulip, pencil), dress, harem pants or any form of cropped trousers. REMEMBER the key is to show off the buckle detail.

* These shoes are quite dressy so don't bring them down with casual attire

* Rock these shoes with pride...I sure will!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Whitney Part 1

I have to give both Whitney and Oprah props. To Oprah because she conducted a very good interview and because Miss Houston was so open!!!! I didn’t expect her to be so forthright with the information; it just goes to show we really don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

Part 1 focused on her tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown. We all know that we do some crazy things when we are “in love” how we compromise and put up with some ish that we really shouldn’t put up with. You know how it is; you meet your Superman that has that kryptonite power that weakens you lol lol. Bless Whitney she really stood by her man for better and for worse at least she took her wedding vows seriously as she stated in the interview.

What gets me is the amount of celebrities that take some form of drugs whether it is alcohol, pills, cocaine etc. Look at the likes of Amy Winehouse, Jimmy Hendrix, Maia Campbell (although she allegedly has bi-polar) Britney Spears the list is endless. Is life so lonely at the top? Is it because they have no one around them to keep them grounded? Is the amount of money coming in too much or is it down to the people they surround themselves with? I think the latter plays a big part as your environment and friends will eventually determine who you are!

I look forward to viewing part two…..check out part 1 here

Monday, 14 September 2009

My one year anniversary of NYC

This time last year I was experiencing the time of my life working in New York for 5 weeks- hoody hoooooo! Little did I realise how this trip would change my life in such a big way. I learnt so much about my character; my strengths and weaknesses, my confidence grew and most importantly it enforced that I can do anything I put my mind to by the grace of god!

You know how it goes you never seem to really appreciate things until it’s too late/or they've gone. It was not until the 4th/5th week that I began to settle into the big apple and finally got to grips with walking around the grid system lol, meeting new people, trying new foods and then bang it's time to go home. So much so I was bawling on the plane home (side-eye) REAL TALK!

My biggest regret is that I don’t feel I gave it a real go whilst out there. I just coasted and faded into the background- tut!! Unfortunately fear got the better of me, that's why I have decided to do what ever it takes to raise the cash and go and spend 3 months out there next year. All I can do is trust in god and start to prepare myself mentally and physically for the challenge ahead....NYC Here I come!!!!!!!!!!!
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