Saturday, 18 July 2009


I'm sure most of you women out there have watched this well known movie but the book takes it to a next level. In this month's Glamour magazine they are giving away a free edition of the book "He's just NOT that into you". Not is the operative word in this sentence. No one is saying the man doesn't like you, he just may not like you enough to promote you into wifey lol.

The book is done in an agony aunt style approach where several women have written a dear Gregg letter and the two authors give their responses/advice. Every woman who reads this book will find a situation/example they have been in and can relate too. I literally flew through this book last night and you don't have to read it cover to cover to get the gist. My thoughts are WHY do we as women settle for FOOLISHNESS?!?! We know what it is but yet we sugar coat it and make excuses for some of these tired brothers....breathe K-Hart!!!!

Believe me I have been through enough r/ships, special friendships to know folly when I hear it. I also have a lot of female friends ranging in different age's who have asked for advice on every situation under the sun- TRUST ME!!!

We seem to live in a society where women don't know/value their self-worth and that is a sad shame. I finally know mine but that came at a price…. entertaining foolish men, standing for BS, settling in unhappy r/ships when I knew it wasn't right, a fear of being alone, feeling that it's okay to have scraps of a man's time because he was "too busy" (is their such a thing)?, thinking it's okay for a man to say he'll call you, yet he never follows through, living with back to back disappointment, being cheated on, disrespect on every level. Phew the list is endless but I wouldn't change any of it as it has helped form me into the person I am today.

Thank the Lord he has given me the confidence to grow as a woman and realise my self- worth. No I’m not a robot and I'm not an expert. I don't expect my next r/ship to be a doddle and for the guy to be perfect but I would like to think I will be wiser and if I smell something dodgy from the get go I will follow my intuition. If you haven't watched the movie go and buy Glamour, the book comes free for pete's sake. Another book you should take a peep at is "Your Knight in Shining Armour" by P.B Wilson.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Friday Throwback!

Hands up ladies, who wants a man with sensitivity? I must confess I used to fancy Ralph Tresvant after watching this video. The whole high-top hair movement, the loose fitting white trousers and open shirt to reveal a hairless chest, the dance moves, the cute smile. It’s funny that I always associate Ralph with this song and totally by pass the New Edition days.

Can you imagine introducing him as your man? The conversation would go as follows…
K-Hart - I’d like to introduce you to my partner…..Ralph Tresvant.
Shenikwa - WHO?!?!?
K-Hart- Ralph Tresvant!
Shenikwa, Felicia and Brandy all join in together- Heeyyyy….What kind of name is that…is he French or something….Hmmm that is a fine ass name and a good looking man.
Ralph Tresvant- Hey Ladies (in a low baritone voice).

It was more about the song itself than his looks and this was my jam back in the 90’s, just hearing it now brings back memories. I’m singing it so vehemently anyone would think I’d been around nothing but waste men all my life, which is not the case! Mr Tresvant led me to believe he was that guy…. “Someone who can love you….some one stable in your life…you need a man with sensitivity” PREACH!!!!! Pat yourself on the back if you have managed to snag yourself a man/woman with sensitivity!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Must have shoe for this year!

These are FIERCE!!!!!!!! They are the new peep-toe ankle cuff shoe and I have snagged a pair in black. I admit I calmed down with buying shoes but these were the last pair on the shelf and they looked too sexy to pass by. I have already made a mental note of where and what I'm going to wear these with- GOOD TIMES!!!

Due to a mixture of guilt and the realisation that I have enough shoes I threw out quite a few pairs recently. Yet it seems I have accumulated them all back in the space of a few weeks side-eye. Lord help me!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Ugly Truth!

Don't you just love it when you go to watch a movie and it surpasses all expectations! That is exactly what “The Ugly Truth” did. It’s a rom-com that has similar elements to “He’s just not that into you”. This film was more humorous than I anticipated and Katherine Heigl stole the show. She played the role of your typical woman looking for love in all the wrong places, desperate to snag herself the ideal man.

This movie was a nice, easy watch and established that your partner is often the man that you least expect and is sometimes right under your nose, but because us women are chasing the dream of “the perfect man” we sometimes miss him or go round full circle before we find him-SIGH!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Curtain Call

Yesterday was my final class for Drama and Vocal Training and what an eventful ten weeks it has been. We started off the evening with breathing exercises which I found a little difficult. Yes I know how to breathe, but there is actually a technique that singers and public speakers use, they breathe from their belly! We also did some throat and mouth exercises, very interesting! I must try these before I go on air.

The main focus of yesterday’s class was to get feedback from the past ten weeks and to really focus on public speaking. We all did one last speech for good measure; mine was a piece by Nelson Mandela. I’ve got a bit of a way to go before I can get into public speaking.

The one piece of advice that really hit home for me was that I am quite a comical person and that is a good thing, but I really need to identify the appropriate time to act serious and when to play the joker. As I often play the fool when I get embarrassed or nervous and use it as a defence mechanism. This is okay around friends etc but in a professional capacity it’s a NO, NO!!! Hawa my tutor explained that she used to be the same but now knows the time and the place to be the comedian.

We also had to say what other people think when they hear our voice and how it makes them feel. Me being Karen noted mostly negative things- what is with that?!?!?! For a start no one has said anything negative and why would I think that? I really need to start believing in myself a little bit more! I’ve noticed that us Brits are so reserved and don’t seem to blow our own trumpet enough, maybe we need take a leaf out of the good old Americans book?

I have learned so much about myself within these past ten weeks and have met a group of wonderful people. This class wasn’t just about vocal training it was about tapping into my abilities and believing in myself. I am glad I invested in this course and no doubt I will see the benefits some time in the near future.
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