Tuesday, 23 December 2008

From WAGs to riches.

So I watched this interesting documentary on Friday about WAGS. (Wives and Girlfriends of Footballers). I know I’m not the only female that has imagined what it would be like to date a footballer. Pros- Endless shopping sprees, money on call, celeb events, extremely fit partner, never a bad hair day, and did I mention endless shopping sprees. Cons- extremely high risk of being cheated on, endless training, playing abroad (which can also be a perk as you get to be the glammed up cheering hottie) and others I can't mention.
This doc was particularly interesting as it looked at several different perspectives. Including the aspiring wannabe wags, club owners, the footballers themselves, and the women that have been the adulteress. Really interesting watch check it out.

Return of the Mack

Oh my days I had to put this up. This was such a big tune back in the school days, a telling sigh of my age lol. Who do we have here, drum roll please... Mr Mark Morrison. You know my man thought he was the biggest Dan after this tune. Well it did go to no.1 so I can't even knock him.
His unique whiney style of singing, the snakeskin loafers WHAH!!!! You don't know about Mark. What black man do you know of, that could rock a nose piercing, rope chain, triangle earring and mini, half-slant triangle high top, and dress head to toe in black. I'm not blazing really I’m not (snigger).
No seriously this was a big tune back in the 90’s. I even went to watch my man at a free concert in the park, where he chose to rock a white fur coat- true Mack daddy styley. I was there singing along “return of the mack, you know that I’ll be back”, back with what Mark?

On My Stereo is..

Musiq is back with a new album "On My Radio". I've only listened to it briefly, but I can honestly say i got to track 5 without pressing the forward button. Now that's saying something as i don't have much patience when it comes to new album's, depending whose it is of course. After Aijuswanaseing dropped there were big expectations from this cat. Oh what a good album it was track after track after track Mary go Round, Popparatzi, Speechless..... Then came Juslisen hmmm another decent album, not as good as the former (but then they never really are). Then SoulStar yes this album can work too. Then my man fell of to the lay side a little with Luvanmusiq (what was that track buddy?) My pull up/rewind/repeat track has to be "Until", that is until i give the album an in depth listening too. I think Musiq may be back to what he does best Just Listen.....

Friday, 19 December 2008


Best concert

Q-Tip with Busta Rhymes and Consequence (Knitting Factory New York baby!) This concert was good on so many levels. 1. It was FREE! 2. I was in New York and just to be in the environment of so many hip hop heads was amazing. The mans/gyals chanting to every hip hop tune played. I was truly left in the shade realising that I still have a lyric or two to learn- "lah di dardy we like to party" I'm quite a newby (is there such a word) 3. Busta Rhymes came and sang a few verses. 4. Did I mention it was FREE! One of my top ten concerts, the atmosphere was just on a next level.

Best Albums
Q-Tip- Renaissance, after such a long wait it was good to see the brilliant Q-tip back in fine form. Loving the quirky look I'm ma try and fine me some of these glasses for 2009- yeah!

Jazmine Sullivan- Fearless

Neyo- Year of the Gentleman.
Such a talented song writer, this man has a lot of longevity. Miss Independent was my jam Sept 2009, W34th St (sniff sniff)

Dwele- Sketches of a Man (got me through many a journey on the New York subway, sniff, sniff)

Most over hyped artist

Lil Wayne- in my opinion anyway!

Best video
Jay Z Roc Boy's. Simply for all the cameo appearances. I have to take my hat off (not literally) to the Jigga man. He made an honest woman of Miss Knowles. He headlined Glastonbury festival, probably opened at least another two 40/40 clubs lol. Plus The Carters were the power couple to top the Forbes List at the latter part of 2008. Well done!

Most Annoying Song's

Lil Wayne- Lollipop see image for most over hyped artist. I'm not saying Lil Wayne is whack but he was very over hyped for 2008.

Snoop- Sensual Seduction

Mary J- Just Fine. I get the message and the song has a good meaning, but after hearing it a zillion times. I just cant take it!

Most Underrated Artist.

Lupe Fiasco, this man has done two albums and still hasn't received the props he deserves hmm...

I'm still flying the flag for the UK. Let's see what Sway brings for 2009, now that he is signed too Akon's Label.

I've probably forgotten many artists in my mini line up, My bad!

Single Ladies part 2

These hot to trot females are going to give Beyonce's Single Ladies video a run for it's money (sarcasm). I haven't seen such a complex dance routine in a long time (side eye glance). Go ladies- shake what your momma gave ya- WHAT?!?!
I wonder if they kindly supplied the vocals playing in the background as well. As I ain't never heard that song before.

Do ya dig the new look?

Courtesy of Bossip

I'm not really feeling Estelle's new hair do

VV Brown

Milly Tilly kindly introduced me to this singer by inviting me a mini gig on Tues. VV Brown's voice reminds me of Gabriella Cilmi. This lady whose style has been described as 'doo-wop soul' has a lovely voice and 2009 should be a good year for her.


Well Jazmine Sullivan has caught my attention. I'm feeling her debut album "Fearless". It's mixture of reggae and pop, plenty of up-beat tracks and consistent. She has been compared to Lauryn Hill hmmm.. and even co-wrote a track on Jennifer Hudson's album. All this at the mere age of 21, she may just get one or two of the five grammys she's been nominated for. "I buss the windows of your car.."

Who ate all the pies?

I originally put this pic up a few days ago, but took it down due to a friends comments. What happened though to Mikey?????? On that note Busta Rhymes has also grown a bit of a belly hmmmm. It must be down to the generous servings of thanksgiving meals lol. Although I have been waxing off the mince pies drowned in cream. I better go easy or I may just join the over grown belly club (chuckle)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I wonder if they'll make a doll of me one day?

If you are stuck for a christmas gift this year, then why not invest in a Obama doll-YES WE CAN! The preseident-elect (action figure) is apparently selling like hot cakes in the states.

Coolest women under 30

Company magazine has released a list of the coolest women under 30 years old. However this list is not just about trendy clothes but also about achievements. Included in the top ten was Alesha Dixon and Estelle well done ladies.

Alexandra Burke trully has the X Factor!

As I was away with no Internet access my bog has suffered lol. So i'm a bit late reporting Alexandra's win on the X Factor. She deserved it as I feel she was the best performer of the night. Although she didn't really need to win as she will go on to have a successful career regardless, but when you duet with Beyonce Knowles how can you not win. Each week Alexandra Burke got better and better, her confidence grew with each performance. Her attire improved week after week, as well as her hair and make-up which looked flawless. Watch out Leona Lewis as we all know Mr Cowell is now going to whisk Alex off to the states. Allowing her to work with some of the top vocal coaches and producers, watch this space.....

A recap of Saturday nights performance below.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Sasha Fierce

I've been listening to "I Am....Sasha Fierce" for a few days now. First impressions it's okay, not all the hype people have made it out to be, but after listening to it again it’s actually grown on me. It’s better than her previous outing "B’day".
The album's title is a reflection of Miss Knowles two personalities. I personally prefer the latter half of the album- Sasha fierce. This is where you will find the more up tempo tracks. If your into your lovey dovey, I love my boo, my girl/boy friend is my world, Chris Brown and Jordan Sparks “No Air” flex then you’ll love “I Am”. Clever concept I suppose. Beyonce is blossoming nicely and is clearly finding married life pure bliss.

The “Single Ladies” track has got to be the women's anthem of 2008...why? Simple if you have someone in your life and they mean that much to you, then you better do all you can to hold onto them. “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it...” STANDARD!!! This clip from Tyra Banks show is too funny. I bet Miss Banks was thinking damn I’d love to be singing this set with Beyonce- gyrating around getting my swerve on. I know this is Beyonce’s favourite dance routine of all time by the way she so vehemently does the routine- easy.

Seven Pounds

Will Smith's new film "Seven Pounds" is....deep..and very emotional. This film really got me thinking. Go watch it!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Wake up Mr West!

What is going on with Mr Khan Weezy? First he gets arrested for an incident with the paparazzi. He is constantly SHOUTING on his blog. He then curses out a fan at a concert in Melbourne. His exact words were "EAT S*%! AND DIE!!!!" Wow, all because some one was brave enough to throw a penny at him you know (side eye glance). As I'm trying to keep this page clean of any profanity here's an action replay

It has been a hard 18 months for him, after the loss of his mom and the break up with his fiancée. Hence the release of 808's & Heartbreak. This maybe the only channel in which Mr West feels he can express himself and channel some of the pain. After listening to the album I don't think it's all that bad. Like marmite you'll either love it or hate it, but boy does Kanye sounds upset. My man sounds vex and a little bitter. I'm surprised he didn't create a song called F ALL Y'ALL!!! (LOL).
Kanye has decided to opt for the T-Pain (..I'mma buy you a drank..) route and go for auto-tune througout the whole album. Translated this means half singing, half speaking from West. The only bit of rap you'll hear is from the guest appearances by Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy. I'm sure he'll be back to his spitting self next album.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

To cut or not to cut?


Taboo (Black Eye Peas)

J Holiday

Snoop Dogg

When is it acceptable for a man to have long hair, but really? If you are a part of the music industry? Or your name is R. Kelly or Ludacris? They were full time members of the cornrow club but decided to finally opt for the short back and sides (well done guys). I’m not hating most of the above men have longer luscious locks than me and many sista’s out there. But beautiful hair or not, shouldn’t men after a certain age chop it off. I do not love the cornrow look on most men and feel that after a certain age (anything below ten years old) It should be cut off- nothing is worse than a man who has his hair corn-rowed and you can’t even see the parting anymore or the intricate braiding is now replaced with fuzz- come on now! If it is natural then maybe you can get a pass but relaxed shoulder length is definitely a NO NO!!!!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Nursery Rhyme's make a comeback?!?

Now I wouldn’t normally post something like this, but when my home girl told me about this new funky house move. I had to check it out. For all those hard core ravers that love their funky house, you’ll be all too familiar with the dance moves above. Now apparently this tune has been out for a minute and when the DJ decides to drop it on the decks. Every one is skanking hard and reaching for their head, shoulders, knees and toes- yeah, yeah!
I can see I’m getting old-sigh!

I ventured down to Cargo (good old Shoreditch) last night for the Hugo Urban Rules Show. Sugababes headlined the event and did a good job. I was particularly impressed with their version of En Vogues "Don't Let Go". Whah is that you Sugababes?
Overall a night full of jokes! It seems as though everybody has gotten into the Christmas spirit early. With the drinks flowing and the Sugababes blasting out of the speakers, I couldn't help but get up and chant along to "can we bring yesterday back around, cause i know how i feel about you now....! LOL
You can catch this event on MTV at a later date.

I'm a little late with this eatery. Thanks to Miss Cooper who has been raving on about this place for the longest time. If you want good food for a cheap price eat at Cha Cha Moon. It is a Chinese noodle bar very similar to Wagamama. The decor is on point, location is central (Carnaby St, London) and most importantly it is good tasting quality food for £3.50. EVERYTHING on the menu is £3.50 barring the drinks. The portions are of a decent size and the service is pleasant and speedy. Give it a whirl!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I likey!

Eric Benet is back! Here's his second single "Hunger" off his Love and Life Album.

Has Britney still got the X Factor?

Now unless you've been hiding under a rock or you simply don't care! There has been a lot of furore over Britney's performance on the X Factor last Saturday. I'm not gonna lie as soon as I knew Britney was coming on everything stopped in my house. I literally sat in front of the TV eager to see the comeback of all comeback's (side eye glance). Now we all remember her past performances, slick dancing, energetic, compelling to watch. If you've forgotten take a peep below. This was Britney at her best!

I have no doubt that Britney will make a full comeback however I don't think Saturday was quite the day for it. As for someone who is known for their energy and choreography, Britney had neither. I felt the performance was a little lacklustre, and that her management, dad, team who ever just shoved her on stage. The proof was in the pudding when Dermot asked her a few questions- and her responses were a little... shall we say odd. Britney noooooooo! I think she still need's some more timme and after reading several interviews this week she still has a way to go. Need less to say I'm still rooting for Miss Spears, all we can do is pray for her.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Lake view Terrace

Okay so I was lucky enough to get a press screening for the above film- oh the joys of working in the media lol. Lakeview Trerrace was aight!!!! The story involves Samuel L Jackson who plays a police officer and doesn't take too lightly to his new neighbours. Why? because they are an inter-racial married couple.... duh duh duhhhhhhh! What I can say about this film is that it is unpredictable and it made me snigger from time to time. Did it leave a lasting impression? Errrr no! but it was produced by Will Smith if that counts?

I suggest you wait for this to come out on DVD, especially during the hard times we are now in and the cinema (tief) can set you back £8? that's not including popcorn.....

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