Friday, 21 August 2009

Men you need to up your A game

Some advice for the brothers courtesy of Ladies take note if your men are not stepping up to the plate..

1.) Focus, Man – Fellas, put the cell phone down! One thing that is an immediate turn-off is when a man yammers on the phone with his boys during time that is supposed to spent with your lady! A woman’s time with her guy is supposed to be exclusive, period. After the time is spent, she’s good! But don’t giggle on the phone gossiping like girls with your homeboys, save it for when she’s not around, girlie gossip should be done alone. Note: Putting the phone on vibrate and constantly ignoring calls is worse than the chatter, and above all, a douche bag move.

2.) Be Handy – women are such the “I can do it myself” kind, but they really don’t want to. So instead of offering, “do you want me to come over and out your computer desk together?” Tell her, “Oh, so you got desk!? I’m going to come put it together for you, what time works for you?” She can’t say no, and if you finish with a “what you cooking?” You’re being a man and making an offer she can’t refuse. If she does, she’s just not feeling you, move on.

3.) Stay Informed – Fellas, it’s okay to put the joysticks down and read a book every now and again! Pay attention to what women are reading! For instance, nowadays the Steve Harvey bestseller is a conversation piece for so many – the woman you’re taking out could be applying the knowledge from the book to you, and could potentially crush you at your own man game! No bueno. Imagine if you’ve both read the same book? Now, not only are you cute and funny, you’re smart too! Best to be on the same page, literally.

4.) Possess Knightliness – every woman wants that knight in shining armor. Not that you have to be this every day, but at least possess the capacity to do so from time to time. For example, after your date walk her to her car, open the door, close it, kiss her cheek through the window and wait for her to pull off before you make your exit. She’ll feel safe and flattered that you thought enough of her to make sure she’s in one piece when you left her. Give her a call about an hour later to make sure she’s in a safe space and let her know you enjoyed her company and can’t wait to see her again. Be a gentleman to your fullest potential, it never fails!

5.) Give More Than a 1 Word Reply – regardless of if its a text, email or face to face conversation, get involved! Again, it doesn’t have to be everyday or every conversation. Sometimes it takes a little more than a “yeah,” “uh-huh” or “cool” to soothe a woman’s need to be heard. Give more attention to the conversation topics that are especially important to her and be honest and compassionate. She’ll remember these times and know it’s within you to be caring.

6.) Don’t Be a “Yes” Man – it’s okay to give your lady a good firm “no,” and disagree from time to time. Women only like a pushover for so long and she’ll eventually get bored with your compliance, if you’re the type to concede to avoid an argument. It’s healthy for you to tell her “no”occasionally. Although she may not like it, she’ll respect your manhood and fall back. Disagreeing won’t kill her, but will it piss her smooth off? Sure. But she’ll get over it and, once again, respect your manhood and you standing your ground.

Friday Throwback

Ooooh this was my jam back at school way back in 1996. I think I was one of the few girls that knew about A Tribe Called Quest at the time, thanks to MTV and The Box. Admittedly I don't own any Tribe called Quests' albums yet! I know not a good luck; in the mean time enjoy the video above.

P.S What ever happened to Tammy Lucas?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Vision Board

Viola – I have finally completed my vision board and what a therapeutic process it was. I first came across the idea on Diary of a Fab Black Woman’s Blog; it was then mentioned again at the “I Am My Brand” seminar. Then the pastor at my church talked about your dreams and putting them in plain vision a few weeks back.

A vision board is a visual representation or collage of the things that you want to have, be, or do in your life. I have selected pictures and phrases that will bring about certain feelings, emotions and most importantly a positive response. I.e. a birds eye view of New York, Times Square and bible scriptures to name a few. Since making the board I look at it constantly and now need to make the necessary steps to attain EVERYTHING on my board. The key is tenacity, perseverance, PATIENCE and hard work, here goes!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Yum Yum!

Oh how I love a nice meal and that is exactly what I got over the weekend. It was my home girl’s birthday and we all bopped down to Asia De Cuba. It is located on St Martins Lane near Leicester Square and I suggest you go and give it a whirl. While some items on the menu are a little pricey, you can’t go wrong with a bento box (pictured above). I picked the signature box (me thinks) but the vegetarian option. It included a misou soup, grilled salmon with wasabi sour cream, black bean dumplings (hmm my mouth’s watering thinking about those dumplings), Havana noodles and Thai salad. All this for a mere £10 you can’t really complain. The food was tasty and filling the restaurant’s interior is lush and I will definitely be dining their again.
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