Thursday, 22 October 2009

Ireland Here I Come!

Top of the morning to yah! I'm off to Ireland for a few days so no blog updates until next week. It's my my friends 30th, so six of the ladies are setting off to Dublin for a weekend of fun and jokes. I can already tell that my hand luggage is over weight- sigh! I have at least 3 pair of shoes and way too many clothes. My case needs to get condensed before tomorrow morning as I don't want to be paying any excess charges.

I have no idea what the itinerary consists of and don't know what there is to see and do up North. Although I've been informed that it's a great place to visit, therefore it will probably be a weekend of spontaneity. I hear that Ireland has become very expensive so the few euros I've exchanged will have to stretch on this occasion. If it means I have to eat Greggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner so be it.

I'm looking forward to getting away for a few days...Ireland here I come!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Shoe's For £3 Run!!!!!!!!!

These shoes are currently selling for £3, yes £3 in Primark. The catch is you'll have to go to the Bromley branch to get them. All other Primark stores are still  selling them at the full price of £18 (don't quote me on this).

You can opt for this begie colour or the black and for £3 you can't go wrong. That's £1 more than the sandwich meal deal at Tesco's, shoot it's cheaper than a one day bus pass.

I'd team these with.....
  • A long sleeved mini, a statment ring and clutch bag.
  • Boyfriend Jeans turned up, vest top or a nice fitted white shirt, clutch bag and good old blazer.
  • Tulip skirt, fitted vest top and a few necklaces piled up. Or for a little added twist wear a simple long necklace but worn backwards (trust me it'll work).

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Warehouse Outlet!

Ladies you really need to get down to the Warehouse Outlet, located in The Plaza Oxford St. I've always liked Warehouse clothes but find them way too pricey. Of course you can shop online but why waste those extra pennies on postage? When you can go into the store try your items on and get more of a selection on clothing.

This was once a two storey Warehouse shop which has now been condensed down to one floor. As you can see from the pic above there is a high selection of stock and that is only one half of the shop. The other half has accessories, dresses, jackets you name it. As Christmas season is coming up it's the perfect place for your ball gowns etc and there is plenty of choice to pick from.

Warehouse is great for dresses and they had quite a few of the latest trends including the long sleeved mini dress, some of them down from £50 to £25. Now is also a good time to stock up on dresses for when the wedding season returns next year. Believe me they stock everything at nearly half the price of a normal Warehouse store. I highly recommend you go down there!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Should I buy a pair?

Ever since I saw Amber Rose rocking them I've convinced myself that I too want a pair of Dr Martens. I understand this an acquired taste and not everyone can pull them off. I'm still umming and arghing on whether to buy a pair. They'd be practical for the cold, wet wintery months and look cool at the same time. I think I'll try them on and take a pic and see how I feel. The problem is I don't want to pay £50+ for them but I want an authentic pair, plus I don't want a boring black colour. I’m loving the colours opposite they look bad, then again black patent would look sick! All you'd need is a pair of these, leggings/skinny jeans a vest top and a nice fitted jacket and you’re good to go.

These ladies make them look good, decision, decisions?


Sunday, 18 October 2009

Week 2 Of My Journey Getting To New York

This week I've started researching where in New York I'd like to work. I definitely want to work in the fashion industry even if it’s work experience (never underestimate work experience/interning). HOT 97 has also always been a dream of mine so next year I’ve got to make it happen. There are quite a few big cats I’m going to holler at but I won’t divluge until I have secured the work placements.

This process can be very tedious and time consuming hence the reason I’ve started hollering at people now. I’m going to have to send e-mails at LEAST once a week until media companies start yelling YES YOU CAN come work with us. Looks like I’ll have to start stalking people (in a nice way) until it pay’s off. I just need to stay on the ball and be consistent.

I'm finding it pretty tough trying to juggle work, personal life and getting to NYC as I am terrible with my time keeping. I don't feel last week was that productive but I guess some weeks will be better than others. As long as I do something day by day it should eventually pay off. I’m beginning to realise that raising the funds might not be too hard. It’s securing the placements and trying to get paid whilst out there which will prove challenging. As well as deciding what to do with my flat for 3 months? All I can do is trust in God!

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