Sunday, 18 October 2009

Week 2 Of My Journey Getting To New York

This week I've started researching where in New York I'd like to work. I definitely want to work in the fashion industry even if it’s work experience (never underestimate work experience/interning). HOT 97 has also always been a dream of mine so next year I’ve got to make it happen. There are quite a few big cats I’m going to holler at but I won’t divluge until I have secured the work placements.

This process can be very tedious and time consuming hence the reason I’ve started hollering at people now. I’m going to have to send e-mails at LEAST once a week until media companies start yelling YES YOU CAN come work with us. Looks like I’ll have to start stalking people (in a nice way) until it pay’s off. I just need to stay on the ball and be consistent.

I'm finding it pretty tough trying to juggle work, personal life and getting to NYC as I am terrible with my time keeping. I don't feel last week was that productive but I guess some weeks will be better than others. As long as I do something day by day it should eventually pay off. I’m beginning to realise that raising the funds might not be too hard. It’s securing the placements and trying to get paid whilst out there which will prove challenging. As well as deciding what to do with my flat for 3 months? All I can do is trust in God!


VexInTheCity said...

You'll get there, just do what you have to do! I got faith in you x

Miss Fab Black said...

Amen, trust in God, he will bring to pass all your heart's desires! That and stalk stalk stalk till they cant say NO, no more!
You'll get there hun x

Matilda Egere-Cooper said...

Doing well hun x

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