Tuesday, 23 December 2008

From WAGs to riches.

So I watched this interesting documentary on Friday about WAGS. (Wives and Girlfriends of Footballers). I know I’m not the only female that has imagined what it would be like to date a footballer. Pros- Endless shopping sprees, money on call, celeb events, extremely fit partner, never a bad hair day, and did I mention endless shopping sprees. Cons- extremely high risk of being cheated on, endless training, playing abroad (which can also be a perk as you get to be the glammed up cheering hottie) and others I can't mention.
This doc was particularly interesting as it looked at several different perspectives. Including the aspiring wannabe wags, club owners, the footballers themselves, and the women that have been the adulteress. Really interesting watch check it out.

Return of the Mack

Oh my days I had to put this up. This was such a big tune back in the school days, a telling sigh of my age lol. Who do we have here, drum roll please... Mr Mark Morrison. You know my man thought he was the biggest Dan after this tune. Well it did go to no.1 so I can't even knock him.
His unique whiney style of singing, the snakeskin loafers WHAH!!!! You don't know about Mark. What black man do you know of, that could rock a nose piercing, rope chain, triangle earring and mini, half-slant triangle high top, and dress head to toe in black. I'm not blazing really I’m not (snigger).
No seriously this was a big tune back in the 90’s. I even went to watch my man at a free concert in the park, where he chose to rock a white fur coat- true Mack daddy styley. I was there singing along “return of the mack, you know that I’ll be back”, back with what Mark?

On My Stereo is..

Musiq is back with a new album "On My Radio". I've only listened to it briefly, but I can honestly say i got to track 5 without pressing the forward button. Now that's saying something as i don't have much patience when it comes to new album's, depending whose it is of course. After Aijuswanaseing dropped there were big expectations from this cat. Oh what a good album it was track after track after track Mary go Round, Popparatzi, Speechless..... Then came Juslisen hmmm another decent album, not as good as the former (but then they never really are). Then SoulStar yes this album can work too. Then my man fell of to the lay side a little with Luvanmusiq (what was that track buddy?) My pull up/rewind/repeat track has to be "Until", that is until i give the album an in depth listening too. I think Musiq may be back to what he does best Just Listen.....
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