Saturday, 11 April 2009

25 things about me......

1. I love travelling and want to go to Brazil, Tokyo, Africa, Thailand, and Barbados to name a few.

2. I have no siblings and miss the fact that I won’t become an auntie.

3. I try to drink a litre and a half of water every day and jog twice a week. Yet my abs don’t have the definition that I want.

4. I want to ride a horse

5. When I was five years old I used to have a pet dog called Spike and would often sit in his kennel. (I know not very hygienic)

6. People often describe me as funny!

7. When I was seven I fell off a wagon at school and hit the floor head first. My two front teeth were literally hanging out my mouth. I had to go the hospital and get them pulled out- ouch!

8. My mom used to forced me to go church every Saturday (although it kept me out of trouble) until I started to rebel at the age of sixteen

9. I attended an all girl’s school in Birmingham.

10. My first paying job was a paper round which I’d do every evening after school.

11. Love Jones is one of my favourite movies.

12. I am a Christian and am developing a deeper relationship with Jesus every day. He has been more than good to me and always has my back!

13. I can be very sensitive!

14. When I was younger my cousins from Manchester would come and stay and we would often put a sleeping bag over our heads and slide down the stairs head first. It was slightly dangerous but we would put bean bags at the bottom to cushion the fall.

15. I moved to London at the age of twenty and haven’t looked back since.

16. I’m a vegetarian!

17. I’m a real girlie girly and love shoes, clothes, accessories, handbags etc

18. I won a competition to meet Usher on Choice FM when I was sixteen. I had to sing one of his songs live on air- cringe!!!!!!

19. I LOVE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!

20. I can be very impatient and I don’t think London has helped much. I’m praying about it.

21. I love acting/performing and have decided to take it a step further by partaking in a Drama course.

22. I spent 5 weeks working in NY last year and I really miss the city. So much so that I am now saving to live there for at least a year if not for good! It was one of the best experiences of my life and made me realise that if you work hard enough dreams can come true!

23. I am currently reading Barack Obama’s book. HE THE MAN!

24. Of all the house work chores I hate ironing the most!

25. I love meeting new people

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Random i know but...

When is it acceptable for grown men to have long finger nails? I say never it looks gross! I can understand that in some cultures this may be acceptable or even deemed attractive to some lady folk, notice I said maybe?
This post is triggered by the fact that I was sitting on the tube this evening minding my own business when I couldn’t help but notice that this brother opposite me had long finger nails NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously his nails were longer than mine and my nails aren’t short! I was then captivated throughout my whole journey and could not help but stare lol.
Why on earth would you want your talons longer than the average female?!?! I’m sure it’s not very hygienic for you and when their dirty as well oh lord please don’t get me started. I must admit when ever I’ve seen a guy with long nails it has never been a full set. It is either the pinkie finger or the thumb nail…. is it some secret code for an undercover pimp (just playing). On a serious note I would not advise any guy to grow their nails long as it is NOT a good look, unless you’re Wolverine from X Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I’ve finally finished reading Midnight! Hmmmm it was definitely a good read I’m just not sure if it was worth the long wait! For all those who loved “The Coldest Winter Ever” don’t expect to be reunited with any of those characters as this book is not a sequel! It focuses on Midnight’s life from the age of seven to fourteen, way before he meet’s winter and her family. It was a little long winded and unrealistic at times and did not need 498 odd pages to convey the story. However it will definitely get you thinking on many levels. I can only assume there is going to be a sequel, as the story had too many unanswered questions and one of those to be continued type ending’s not too. I just hope it doesn’t take another 5+ years and isn’t made into another hard back as they’re too expensive! Overall I’ll give it 3 out of 5.
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