Friday, 9 October 2009

Matalan Shoe Fest

I've been flying the flag for Matalan for a long time now! Their clothes can be a bit hit and miss but their shoes are always on point! Where as Primark will have a wider selection on boots, ballet pumps, brogues etc. Matalan's niche is killer heels. My mouth was salivating at all the shoes I wanted to scoop up and buy, but I was a good girl. Well almost.....I'll leave that for another post (side-ye). For now here are a few that will give the likes of Aldo, Office and TopShop a run for their money.

Double Decker Platform Heels are all the rage at the moment. These will set you back £18

 Can't go wrong with a black pair of shoes. These are actually suede with a snake skin effect platform heel. They also come in purple one of this season's must have colours. £14

I adore these shoes, it's the tassle detail and the suede effect that really sets them off! These shoes also come in black and fuschia pink and cost £18.

Another pair of fierce shoes the contrasting zebra print mixed with pink and black will definately get you noticed. £25

These are similiar to a pair of Loubotin shoes I spotted. The studded details looks fierce! £18

Last but not least these are the ones I'll be waiting for in the sale. The grey and pink looks so nice and I'm loving shoobs (shoe/boots) at the moment. £16 is not a bad price but I have way too many shoes!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A day at the hairdressers

SCENE- K Hart has just had a wash, set and tong and is now sitting in the barbers chair to get the back shaped up. Considering I don’t know this man I am repeatedly telling him to SHAPE not shave the back of my hair and he did a good job! Whilst sitting in the chair a man appears from no where to the left of me

The conversation went as follows……

Jamaican man- Yuh like fi hask questions?

K-Hart- Well yeah.... I need to ask questions so that this barber doesn’t clean shave off my hair. The more questions I ask the more clearer we will be (note it’s not rocket science all he had to do was shape me up, but I was fretting a bit lol)

J-Man- Nuh worry man!

K-Hart- Hmmmm....

J Man- I like ah wuman dat hasks questions

K-Hart- O-k-a-y (side-eye)

J Man- Yuh si when a wuman hasks questions I get ah book and if I man nuh know di harnser I will fine out.

K-Hart- lol (at this point I’m thinking dude I’m trying to concentrate on this barber giving me a shape up.

J Man- Yuh look fretful.....

K-Hart -I’m not fretful (voice raising a little)

J –Man- So yuh from these ya sides?

K-Hart- No!

J-Man -Yuh seem jolly!

K-Hart -huh…..jolly?!?! (Is this man being sarcastic with me?- paranoia!)

J Man – yes yuh look like a jolly girl

K-Hart -uh huh…. err yeah I guess so

Punch Line J-Man- I would like a jolly girl like yuh!

K-Hart -errrrm (nervous laugh).... uh huh (at this point I’m thinking bruv your distracting me, I need to concentrate on this barbers every move)

Hair shape us is now finished

J Man- So wat yuh saying I man can take yuh out?

K-Hart -I’m spoken for (this line usually works even if your lying). I should have just said no thanks politely.

After returning from the ladies I pay the hairdresser and swiftly put on my coat. I am exchanging contact details with the hairdresser and J Man swaggers over with his phone. This man’s got jokes and follows me out the store with his phone in his hand. I kindly decline, wish him a good day and skip off up the road.

I sometimes think because I don’t screw up my face and I tell these men no politely that I’m encouraging them? I can’t be rude as I don't think it's necessary depending on the approach plus it's not worth my life. Men these days will switch on you just for looking at them the wrong way, well road/ghetto men will anyway. I have to say this man was very persistent and cocky with his approach I guess some women like that.

Thank you J Man for giving me indirect joke today! At least situations like this will prepare me for when I go back to visit Jamaica…..or maybe it won’t?

Monday, 5 October 2009

My Winter Wardrobe

Everybody should know by now that I hate dark dreary colours especially in the winter. Today felt a tad chilly so the winter wardrobe is slowly coming back into full effect. This is what I wore today and I love it as it is not too dull and inexpensive.

Coat £20 (Fonthill Road) Military is still going strong and I picked up this bargain last year. I love the gold buttons!

Bag  £6 £3 (Primark) The Chanel effect is another item that will see you through this autumn.

Tights £3 (Primark) Tights are going to be my new accessory for the winter. Apart from the typical black I also own a cobalt blue colour and I'm going to get a red, green and yellow pair.

Brogues £8 (Primark) If you don't own a pair of brogues yet what are you waiting for?!?!?!

This look was finished off with my fuschia pink lipstick from MAC (which had worn off by this time). Lipstick is the key make-up feature I'll be rocking for the rest of the year. Bright lipsticks are not for the faint hearted if your gonna rock a colour you MUST rock it with confidence! You can keep the rest of your face simple as your lips will make enough of a statement. I want a red and an orange lipstick next and then I'm done!

Life with my Crackberry

It's been nearly a month since I converged to the world of Blackberry and I can honestly say there is no going back for me. I got the Curve 8900 as it is small and compact but now wonder if I should have got the Bold-never mind.

I can't even front for the first few days I would leave it out on the desk at work (show off) and would whip it out on the bus at every opportunity. I kind of felt important typing away like I was the president of the country or something lol. I love the features i.e. free internet browsing, access to my e-mails. Most importantly Blackberry Messenger- who doesn't want to talk for free?

The novelty has now worn off and I often put my Messenger status as unavailable as the Crack/Blackberry has become too addictive and distracting. It got so bad that I would meet with friends and we would both be on our phones without conversing with one another tut! However I still wouldn't exchange it for my predecessor the Nokia 6500 classic- boooooooooo!

Back in my day we had bricks for phones, with no text, no camera, no music etc. I tell ya these kids don't know how lucky they are!
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