Friday, 23 January 2009

CREDIT CRUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so we are now officially in a recession! So what were we in before? As I thought the whole credit crunch we have been experiencing for the last few months was the crux of a recession. It’s all to do with figures really!

Here’s some advice to see you through, all eating out must cease. If you enjoy your food like I do- YOU BETTER LEARN HOW TO COOK!!! No more Nando’s, Mr Jerks, Wagamama’s not even McDonalds. Shucks all them £’s mount up you know. Take left over dinner to work, even if means you have to eat rice all week, you better add some tuna, corn beef or suttin lol

Do not look at my fashion updates – shut your eyes, as you may be influenced to go out and spend money that you don’t have. Shop in Peacocks, Matalan, Primark jeez Mark One if you have to. Believe me no one will ever know, especially if you jazz up your items with a bit of colour. Or if push comes to shove just borrow your friend’s clothes, shoes what ever!

Use Orange wed (2 for 1) when attending the cinema although this luxury should be at the bottom of the list. If not then you can always try the illegal route of downloading films or buying DVD’s off the street vendors. (I am not condoning either)

If you see any loose change on the floor, don't hesitate PICK IT UP! Don’t be too proud now, as we all know every penny helps. No more holidays abroad, just pop down to Brighton once the sun pop’s out. I’ll keep you posted with more money saving tips…

All jokes aside as long as you cut back and use your money wisely there is no reason why you can’t get through this recession. God has your back don’t worry!

Just in case you missed


This is not Barack overkill, but I had to share this is as it is such a poignant moment. I can imagine this is a carbon-copy of the Obama's on their wedding day during the first dance. Awwwww look at them, what a beautiful pair they make! Can’t you just see the love in their eyes; I can feel my eyes welling up blub, blub. These two are one serious power couple. If I was Michelle Obama I would have been bawling the house down- K-Hart hold it together girl.

Gran Torino

This film was surprisingly quite good. I really enjoyed it considering I had no idea what the plot was. The film is directed by Clint Eastwood who is looking fairly old now- bless him. He plays the role of a retired war veteran who lives in an area which is dominated by immigrants. This does not go down to well, as patience is not part of Mr Eastwood’s vocabulary. However there is more to this film than meets the eye. That’s it I’m not giving any more of the plot away so go and watch it for your self. You’ll laugh, frown and maybe shed a tear...

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Kid Cudi- Day and Night.

Kid Cudi’s name dropped at the tail end of last year as a rapper to look out for in 2009, and so far he is living up to expectations. The Cleveland rapper is signed to none other than Kanye West’s label and his album “Man on the Moon” will drop later this year.

There are several remix versions of this track and this one has to be my favourite. Evidently it’s the people’s favourite as well as it is currently no. 2 in the single’s charts. Not so sure about the video but still a good track!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Renaissance Rap!

Wow it has been a busy day for me in Blogsville chuckle. Okay seriously where have I been?!?!?! This video has been out for at least two months now and I’ve only just discovered it, not a good look! To make matters worst I didn’t know the late J Dilla produced this track (side eye). I wasn’t sure if this was one song or two as on the album it is titled “Move”, but the video is titled “Renaissance Rap”. Any whoo I think I can go as far as to say this is my favourite track off the “The Renaissance” album, and that J Dilla was one of my favourite producers.

J-Dilla K-Hart salutes you and in remembrance of a great hip-hop producer a classic below.(Sorry about the expletives in advance) HEAVY PRODUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay it seems like everyone and their mother went to Washington to see Barack Obama get inaugurated- Chah! I can't even say next time as only the Lord knows when an event as big as this will happen again. Didn't the first lady look radiant? Awww what a lovely family they are. As the saying goes "behind every strong man, is a strong woman". Brotha's you better recognise...
Congratulations Mr President!!!!

Notorious Movie.

Am I only the person who has not watched an advanced screening of the film “Notorious” ? Looks like I’m going to have to watch it at the cinema like regular folk. The film isn't doing too bad across the waters, it’s currently at the no. 4 position. That’s another fat wad of dollar bills to be added to Mr Sean Comb’s already bulging pockets. As he is one of the people behind the production of this film, but of course he would be. He and Biggie Smalls were as tight as… black board and chalk, baileys and ice, bun and cheese lol????????????? Peep the trailer here

Jay Z is on the sound track- STANDARD! Although I didn't know Mr Kanye West was the man behind the production of “Brooklyn We Go Hard” featuring Santagold. Discussions are still being made with regards to an official video, so in the meantime here is an animated version which is circulating around the net.


So I bopped down to the Milk screening last night. Hmmm….in a nut shell it is a biopic based on the late politician Harvey Milk (a gay right’s activist) and his quest to become the first open gay man to be elected into a public office. I don’t know what I was really expecting? I started to wane half way through and just wanted to see what the conclusion was. This is a not a movie for everybody and overall I didn’t love it. However Sean Penn put in a very good performance.
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