Friday, 23 January 2009

Gran Torino

This film was surprisingly quite good. I really enjoyed it considering I had no idea what the plot was. The film is directed by Clint Eastwood who is looking fairly old now- bless him. He plays the role of a retired war veteran who lives in an area which is dominated by immigrants. This does not go down to well, as patience is not part of Mr Eastwood’s vocabulary. However there is more to this film than meets the eye. That’s it I’m not giving any more of the plot away so go and watch it for your self. You’ll laugh, frown and maybe shed a tear...

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Krystle- Eyes said...

I have to say, when Clint Eastwood directs a film, he normally puts his heart and soul into it, so i'm not surprised that you enjoyed it.

Million Dollar Baby got man.

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