Friday, 19 March 2010

Loving The New Adidas Commercial

Adidas do it again with yet another cool, fun and cameo filled commercial. I want to feature in the next one (side-eye) yeah right!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Carbs Not Good!

These damn carbohydrates are becoming the bane for me! For the last couple of weeks my stomach has been feeling extremely bloated and I couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t an unbearable feeling just a little uncomfortable from time to time. I now know it’s down to the carbs and unfortunately my age. Long are the days when I could just yam anything and not worry about my shape/ weight altering? Not any more I tell ya I’m 29 this year and my metabolism has well and truly s-l-o-w-e-d down. I can feel the middle aged spread slowing trying to grab me lol. I used to laugh it off when people would say you’re lucky, you’re at the age you can eat what you want, not any more yo.

All jokes aside I’m an avid fitness bunny and go to the gym at least 3 times a week plus throw in a game of squash. So I’m quite fortunate to have a decent physique at the same time I want this shape within the next 5 years. I need to now start watching what I eat and resist the Jaffa Cakes, Doritos, Haribo you name it. I’m a sucker for all things that aren’t good for me. I’ve got such a sweet tooth, but this bloated feeling is just not worth it. So I’ve decided to not eat carbohydrates so late at night any more (cut off is 7pm) and be more disciplined with my diet. I really want my washboard stomach this summer and the gym alone is not cutting it.

**PS I’m going to a free boot camp session next Monday so that should be interesting and no where near FUN at all!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Whatcha Say?!?!

I said I'm not too sure about Jason Derulo. First and foremost I didn't know that my boy used to rock a cornrow?!?!? No comment! Back to present, so I have to give him some props as he dabbles in song writing. Other than that I just don't love this guy. I guess there’s a gap in the market for a young male artist at the moment but still.

Yes his new single 'In my Head' is currently number one here in the UK but that don't mean nardah to me! When he first debuted with 'Whatcha Say' I thought yeah the song's not too bad, I was more disappointed with the was just… dry! Which brings me to his latest video and I just don’t love it. It’s similar to Justin Timberlake’s 'Like I Love You' and it just doesn't seem his style. He comes across contrived and forced to me; the dance routines are just cringe worthy. I just find there’s something not authentic here. I know I may sound harsh but I don't know what it is? I can't quite put my finger on it but he just comes across as cheesy! Yes I may end up eating my words if he becomes the next big thing but I just can't see the vision. Then again who cares what I think as he clearly has a strong fan base accumulating.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Bargain Of The Month!

I picked up these shoe/boots in Primark Marble Arch. I didn't intend to buy anything and was actually looking for a replacement pair of brogues. Then I spotted these bad boys in the reduced section, I picked them up and noticed they'd gone down from £15  to £3. Is that not a joke £3 for a pair of shoes? I tried them on and wasn't convinced as they're a bit baggy round the calf. Plus I thought they looked a bit cheap as the zip detail on the side had a pleather ribbon on (which I quickly removed). After trying them on at home and little deliberation I was hooked. The outfits I can wear them with this summer are endless, shorts, leggings, dresses, skirts you name it. Plus the heels not too high so my feet shouldn't start burning any time soon. If push comes to shove I can wear them now with a nice dress and a thick pair of tights.

As you can see they look a lot better on....

I couldn't be bothered to put an outfit together plus my hair needs a perm so there is no way I'm providing a full length shot.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Week 22 Of My Journey Getting To New York.

What have I done this week.....nadah! Just playing I have continued to e-mail and call media companies. It's been a mixed bag of record companies, Television and radio stations. I still haven't received the three magic words YES as of yet. I'll continue to put in the calls next week so hopefully something positive will come out of that. I also have to broaden my search a bit more.

I've had a slight set back financially as my February pay wasn't what I expected, so I was unable to put any money aside for New York. I wanted to put away at least £300 but it just wasn't feasible. I felt a little frustrated and annoyed and started to question whether I'd have enough money over all. That was my moment of weakness but I've got to stay focused and trust in God as he always comes through for me.

My feelings have waivered quite a bit this past week and I think it's because I still have my flight, rent and survival money to sort out as well as find a work placement. I just feel slightly uneasy and unsettled but as we all know things can seem rubbish one day and then it's a totally different situation the next. I'll keep you posted with how things get on! x
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