Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I want me some....

Okay so I've tried to resist and I've prayed and I can't fight it anymore I want me some thigh high boots! I'm not fussed whether they have a heel or they're flat I just want a pair. I never thought I would want a pair of these booties but I've been converted. I always associate them with a certain type of women (no name calling allowed) but they are the boot that every woman across the globe will be wearing this autumn. It all depends what you team them with, which will determine what class you'll be bracketed in.

These boots are FIERCE, sexy and slightly dangerous. A few rules to adhere too...

* If you opt for a leather pair DO NOT team with anything else leather
* keep accessories to a minimum your boots will make enough of a statement
* opt out of buying a patent pair
* try not to team with a short skirt- may look trashy
* team with leggings, skinny jeans, and jumper dresses

Ya'll don't know bout the Jigga Man..

Thanks to my side-kick who brought my attention to this classic video of Sean Carter. This is a live performance from Notting Hill Carnival back in 1997 and I'm sure you can tell from the Jigga Man's attire that this old school. This same friend of mine highlighted Jay Z's "church shoes" as she quoted too much joke! Those shoes are killing me softly lol lol... which rapper wears shoes, shirt and trousers to perfom in?!?!? No homie it's trainers and jeans all the way B-A-B-Y! Jay Z 's even sproting a doo-rag and a pair of earrings. Jay Z don't even wear earrings anymore he's too much of an accomplised businessman for that (not saying businessmen don't wear earrings or do they?). Oh how we all grow and our style changes over the years.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Should I buy a pair of Dr Martens (boots)?

Only Amber Rose could carry off this look, this chick is FIERCE!!!! This is not a new picture but home girl has left me wondering whether I want to purchase a pair of Dr Martens hmmm. It's funny as the general rule for leggings is you would/should wear a long top to cover the derriere but not our Amber. She is in a league of her own lol. I've said it before and I'll say it again once you have established the hair everything else will fall into place- TRUST ME! Look at Amber Rose and Rhianna...I say no more.
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