Saturday, 6 June 2009

Hip-Hop Beyond Beats & Rhymes

Very interesting documentary that explores the real issues behind hip-hop music including manhood, sexism, masculinity, violence and homophobia. There are several different perspectives from fans, rappers and music moguls. This really got me thinking about the many different genres of music I let seep into my mind and the hidden messages incorporated in the lyrics and videos. As well as the big corporate men who fatten their pockets by exploiting the hip-hop culture and the artists involved within it.

This isn't new but thanks Williams for bringing this to my attention.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The latest addition to my wardrobe...

yes, yet another pair of shoes! I've had my eye on these beauties since March now, they are the YSL tribute t-bar shoes. Now obviously mine are not YSL as I don't have hundreds of pounds to waste. They are courtesy of Matalan and at least an inch shorter. These shoes are HOT and they will be getting their debut tomorrow-good times!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Drama week 4

I'm really getting into my Drama course now and I can feel the confidence growing as the weeks go by. Today we looked at monolgues and how to get into character, how to feel the emotions and how to portray it back to your audience. We looked at body language, the way in which we speak and how it is perceived and we also did several role plays which I really love doing!!!

I also got to learn a bit more about my tutor today; she is so cool. She is the kind of person I could chill with on a daily basis. Today she advised me that when I do my Entertainment slot or other public speaking that I should not be so self- conscious. I should use the radio as my platform/stage be my usual funny/mad/quirky self and don't worry about what people at home think, to just really go for it. This course is teaching more and more about my self every week...I LOVE IT!!!!!! Roll on week 5!!!!!!!
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