Thursday, 25 June 2009


I really don't know what to say.....I'm in shock! Prayers go out to his family right now.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Festival Fever

Can you find me amongst the crowd…I’m in the second row with my hand in the air skinning teet! JOKE!!! Not really, I know I play too much! However this is how I will be next Saturday as I’m attending the Montreux Jazz Festival-YEAH BABY!!!!!!

I’ve become a real festival junkie I know I’m a bit late but I’m jumping right on that bandwagon. Why go to a concert when you can go to a festival and get a handful of acts on the same stage. Dance around and laze in the sun if the weather’s nice and providing it’s an outdoor event (that’s my only gripe about Montreux), meet new people as you’ll be there for a few days and drink, drink, drink some more if that’s your kind of thing the list is endless. Hence the reason I’m jetting off to Switzerland next weekend with my home girl. The line up for this year is SICK and its hip-hop all the way for me. I’ll be jigging along to Mos Def (that reminds me I need to listen to his new album ASAP), Black Milk and Little Brothers. It was pretty hard deciding which week to go as Black Eyed Peas, N.E.R.D, Lilly Allen, Q-Tip and Raphael Sadiq are a handful of the acts to grace the stage during the 2 week festival.

I think it’s because this is my first festival and that it’s out of London which makes it all the more appealing. To see everyone jumping in the air with their plastic cups, swaying/rhyming/dancing to the beats and to just feel the vibe within the arena. I better be careful I don’t forget myself and act a fool out there, as I know I’m going to be extremely hyper and will probably mirror the behaviour of the people around me. The only difference being that I won’t be intoxicated like some.

My only hitch now is what to wear? I want to look cool but not overdressed and comfortable enough to tap my toes but still girly…. decisions, decisions!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Taking of Pelham 123

I've just got back from “The Taking of Pelham 123” screening and I have to say it was good! I’m intrigued to see how the original panned out as this is a re-make of the classic 1974 thriller.

Synopsis in a nutshell:- Denzel Washington plays the character of a transit cop who goes up against a group of hijackers lead by John Travolta who take's over a subway train in exchange for a ransom of course. This film is very gory and left me a little uneasy at times, so much so I was covering my ears and eyes to avoid witnessing any more bloodshed.

John Travolta put in a good performance (although not as good as in previous roles such as “Face Off” and “Swordfish”) and played the role of an audacious hijacker well. Denzel was Denzel and played the role of good guy transit cop down to a tee. The typical roles that we are used to seeing Mr Washington play. Despite this film getting mixed reviews I enjoyed it and I give it a 5 ½ /10.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Drama Week 7

Only 3 weeks to go and I can see the progression that the whole group has made.... sniff I’m so proud of us all. So next week is the big one the monologue slam the week we have all been preparing for. The week where we gauge whether we have taken anything away from these Drama classes.
Today was all about practicing our one minute monologues and ironing out any problems. I need to memorise my piece by next Monday which won’t be a problem as it’s not that long. Everyone liked my piece and the only advice I was given was to ham it up a bit, in other words K-Hart just act really extra on stage next week. I’m actually looking forward to it now as it will be such an achievement for all of us. Just to think how timid and self-consciousness some of us where when we started 7 weeks ago and to see us now-WOW!
If anybody had asked me last year whether I could see myself performing a drama/speech in front of a room full of strangers they would have got the side-eye. Who me?!?!?!? Not that I thought I wasn't capable, I just couldn't see me putting myself in that kind of situation. As an associate of mine said "when the pupils reading to learn the teacher will come".
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