Friday, 27 November 2009

Bargain Of The Week

Animal Print Dress £40 £10 (Warehouse)

I love a bargain, but then again don't we all?!?!? I purchased this dress yesterday as I knew it would come in handy for a family gathering/party tonight. I wanted something nice but not too dressy and this fits the bill perfectly. I'm a fan of animal print and would have loved this dress in red but cobalt blue suits me fine. It's not too short and fits just right. It has a shoe string tie at the neck and exposes the back but in a nice subtle way.

I'm going to team this up with bright orange nail varnish to inject a bit more colour. My black suede ankle peep toe cuff boots, military jacket and the faithful clutch bag. I'm going to take some snaps tonight and may add the finished look sometime next week.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Wish List

Red Power Sleeve Tube Dress £22 (Dorothy Perkins)

 Be Beau Be Beau Black Platform Shoe Boot £18 (Matalan)

Leather Duffle Cross Body Bag £55 (Topshop)

Orange Lipstick £12 (M.A.C)

Passenger Biker Boot £70 £30 (Office)

Adidas Original Watch £50

Oversized Beanie £6 £3 (New Look)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Scrub Is A Guy.......

I’m not one to chat my friends business but I got her permission to share this story. Basically said friend met a young man a few weeks ago and has been conversing with him ever since. Homie is in his early 30s and is here from the States for a couple of years. I’m not going to go into the how, where and when they met. I’m just going to get down to the nitty gritty.

They went out for something to eat over the weekend and I just have to shake my head at what happened. They went for a drink and said friend said when she ordered homie just stood there didn’t flinch and left her to pay. Hmmmm she said she didn’t think too much of it as he’d probably buy the next round. Although I thought considering my man initiated the meeting he would at least have offered to pay for the drinks. This story unfortunately gets worse.

Said friend felt hungry and suggest they go for something to eat. So they find somewhere inexpensive and they BOTH eat and have yet another drink. The bill comes and homie says “how much is it?” Said friend responds “I don’t know as your paying!” Homie laughs it off and when the bill comes pushes the receipt to said friend. Said friend pushes the bill back and said “I thought you were paying”. (I know my friend and it’s not that she wouldn’t have paid for herself she just wanted to see what this guy was about). Homie responds with the finisher off all conversations, the scene killer, wait for it…….. “I haven’t got any money!!!!!!!” What?!?!?!? Said friend was in a state of shock and thought he was joking unfortunately he wasn’t and said friend ended up paying for the bill and deleting homies number lol.

I really can’t believe that in 2009 a man of any age would leave his house without any money. That is so lame and doesn’t leave a good impression on a first meeting. Did he not feel no shame in professing he ain’t got no dough. I know people are in different places financially but surely you’d explain that before you meet with someone. I would feel so stink to eat a meal and when the bill comes tell a man that I haven’t got any money. Who does that though really?!? I guess the kind of man who doesn’t really respect himself or others. I was so shocked when said friend told me as I have never heard anything like it before. Most men would have pretended they weren’t hungry or borrowed £20 from a friend, gave your last £5 damn anything. Maybe he was looking for a free meal, maybe he did have money and didn’t want to pay or maybe he’s just a scrub.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Week 6 Of My Journey Geting To New York

Yet another quiet week on the NYC front, but I don’t feel bad. It’s not every week that I’ll have something to report. That’s just how the game goes sometimes. I have however had a lot of food for thought and been giving the joy of crossing paths with quite a few people (praise God). I spoke to a friend from church that gave me some advice indirectly and opted to keep an ear out whilst in New York. He also informed that he knows a few people in the media circle God do your thang lol.

Each week my concerns change like the weather and whilst sometimes I feel lazy all it takes is a look at my  vision board and my spirits are lifted and the excitement returns. Last week I met a guy from the Bronx and I had to commend him on his confidence and friendliness (that’s most New Yorkers for you) and his response really stuck with me. He said I have to be as New York is full of hungry and confident people. Now I know this is the case but is just re-affirmed that working out there is not a joke. It made me question whether I am ready for this, will I work to my full potential and will I act confidently when needed? I can’t afford to be shy, it’s not an option. I have to be bold!!!! But my how it can be so intimidating to just walk into certain companies and be like hey here I am. I know I can do it but the idea does scare me a lot! This is why I’ll continue to pray that God gets me to a certain level by next August.

This journey is fun and I can’t wait to say yes I finally made it!

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