Sunday, 22 November 2009

Week 6 Of My Journey Geting To New York

Yet another quiet week on the NYC front, but I don’t feel bad. It’s not every week that I’ll have something to report. That’s just how the game goes sometimes. I have however had a lot of food for thought and been giving the joy of crossing paths with quite a few people (praise God). I spoke to a friend from church that gave me some advice indirectly and opted to keep an ear out whilst in New York. He also informed that he knows a few people in the media circle God do your thang lol.

Each week my concerns change like the weather and whilst sometimes I feel lazy all it takes is a look at my  vision board and my spirits are lifted and the excitement returns. Last week I met a guy from the Bronx and I had to commend him on his confidence and friendliness (that’s most New Yorkers for you) and his response really stuck with me. He said I have to be as New York is full of hungry and confident people. Now I know this is the case but is just re-affirmed that working out there is not a joke. It made me question whether I am ready for this, will I work to my full potential and will I act confidently when needed? I can’t afford to be shy, it’s not an option. I have to be bold!!!! But my how it can be so intimidating to just walk into certain companies and be like hey here I am. I know I can do it but the idea does scare me a lot! This is why I’ll continue to pray that God gets me to a certain level by next August.

This journey is fun and I can’t wait to say yes I finally made it!

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