Tuesday, 21 July 2009

U Got it Bad!

What has happened to Marcus? The T-Pain song comes to mind “I’m sprung”. After watching Big Brother last night Noireen has officially turned Marcus mad. Geez my man has got it bad! Although I don’t think our Noireen has helped the situation, she should have been straight with him from the get go. She can’t be playing hot and cold and flirt with the man and then expect him to just want to be her friend.

Surely Marcus should know that he doesn’t stand a chance really!!!! Even Lisa told him straight that you are not Noireen’s type and I doubt she would ever get with a guy like you. Yet it seems Marcus is still not convinced and that he believes that with time Noireen’s “type” will change- poor ting! I was just really surprised to see Marcus in such a confused, vulnerable state last night. Marcus love, she’s just not that into you!
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