Friday, 1 May 2009

Nas & Kelis are Divorcing.....say it ain't so!

NOOO!!!! Kelis and Nas are officially divorcing. There have been rumours that a split was imminent for a while now but I was hoping it was just that…. rumours!!!! This is a sad shame as I liked these two as a couple. Is there something in the water these days as everybody is heading for divorce?!?! It just goes to show marriage is NOT a joke and that it consists of a lot of hard work! The fact that Kelis is seven months pregnant can’t help matters much. That must be one of the hardest aspects about it all, as no doubt they tried through gritted teeth to make things work considering they are soon to have a child together. I hope they can have an amicable friendship/relationship for the sake of their child.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I like the beat/bass line on this song and the video like the title is nothing less than “Bonkers”. The lyrical content is pretty basic but what else would you expect. Not that it matters much as people don’t tend to buy singles/albums for the lyrics they listen to the beat first then take time to hear what’s been said. A little backwards some may think but that’s how it tends to go.

Could this be another potential no.1 for Dizee Rascal???

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Drama week one...

So last night was my introductory for drama and vocal training-good times!!!!!!!! I’ve decided that I’m going to blog a weekly account of my progression. So Karen being Karen arrived fashionably late (I really need to work on my punctuation) to a nice intimate class of seven pupils ranging within age and cultural backgrounds. We did a number of exercises including how to breathe properly (believe me there is a technique to this) how to settle nerves, memory training and various activities where we able to just express ourselves.
What I most enjoyed about last night was that I was able to show my creative side as I haven’t done any form of drama since secondary school. It was great to just take centre stage and not care who was watching. I think I was a bit of an eager beaver and often volunteered to go first in each activity (I need to calm down). Yesterday confirmed that I can be quite a character and I think I have already established myself as the joker of the group tee hee hee. I’ll keep you posted with week two’s activities.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Beep Beep!!!!!

I really, really want a moped! This is not a phase I’m going through as I’ve been thinking about this for a few years now and as summer is looming upon us it seems the perfect opportunity. I could whiz around the streets of London on my moped and still look lady like with my dress blowing in the wind lol lol.
I’d like to think that a moped is slightly safer than a full sized motorbike. As they have smaller engines, are niftier and so much easier to control. I am a little weary about the traffic and the drivers on London’s roads but I’d get over it. I had my first taste of moped driving in Aiya Napa when I was eighteen. I loved it and insisted that I be the designated driver at all times. I then got another taste in Spain in 2003 and now feel very confident with my driving abilities. I love the independence of being able to just get on the bike and go and they look so cool! All I need now is a CBT certificate and about £600 and I’m good to go!
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