Saturday, 3 January 2009

Trends for 2009

Since my blog unveiling, I have failed to cover any aspects of fashion. So here goes… I have already stated I have a major shoe fetish and this seasons trends include ruffles especially the T-bar style, and statement shoes are BIG. New Look has a nice selection that won’t break the bank. It is not about black BORING!!!!! Go for something more daring like red or yellow.

I like the ones below but they are not practical for every day wear.

Bold colour's are still representing for 2009. The colour of the season is going to be orange so fashion experts claim. Bring it on I’m going to bag myself a coupe of frocks from now. Along with yellows, pink which is hot at the mo and electric blue!

Jumpsuits make a return! I doubt I'll be following this trend but never say never!

Leggings are still going strong- cheap and cheerful. Who would have thought the good old trouser staple from my school hey day would have made such a strong come back! Not for those who are a little conscious about their derriere.

Statement jewellery is going to be very big this year. Large chunky bracelets, earrings and statement necklaces will really vamp up your look.

More fashion updates to come.

The Return of Dru Hill?

Okay so it seems like 2009 is going to be an interesting year on all fronts. The emergence of more artists/groups, the first being Dru Hill, an American R & B group from the late 90’s. Considering Jodeci, Intro and Boyz II Men had come to demise we needed something hey ladies?

I actually went to see them before they blew up, in my good old home town Birmingham. I was a mere 14 years old, trying to look years beyond my age. Out gallivanting with my uncle and his friends on a school night hmmm... I instantly fell in aww with Woody and did not hesitate to boast about my photo opportunity with the Maryland hotties at school the next day lol lol. You know you all learned the “Tell Me” dance/jump/bounce routine.

The band went on to have 4+ albums a change in group members. Band leader, Sisqo went on to forge a solo career. Remember the hit “Thong Song” and “Incomplete”. I really thought this man could maybe give Usher a run for his money, maybe not! With his blonde/platinum cropped hair depending what mood he was in, back flips and dulcet tones. Then it all went a little pear shaped, especially the blonde cornrow with beads on the end EHHHHHH? No, no, no fashion faux paux! Woody also dropped his gospel album.

Then there was the whole staged and very dramatic radio interview last year to announce their first of many come backs. Come on guys lets have a break up on air. Sisqo- “What do you mean your not gonna join us Woody. WTF this is BS MAN!" Cue- Sisqo storms out the studio and drives off in a huff (too funny). Just in case you missed it…

Oh well hopefully they’ll make a better come back than Jodeci did, below a Dru Hill classic for the true fans.

"Celeb" Big Bro 2009

Celeb Big Bro is back! Does anybody care?!?! I can't front I did sneak a peak to watch the so called A, D, H, Z list celebs enter the house. Too early to predict a winner at this stage. How ever Coolio may be the one to watch out for.

Friday, 2 January 2009


Not really loving this album, although it is her most personal to date so she claims. I found it a little dreary and boring and constantly skipped tracks. "Never Say Never" is still my favourite Brandy album to date!

Married Behaviour?????

Now this clip isn't new, I came across it a few months back. I have to ask is this really the behaviour of a married man. As I said to a friend of mine I would have licked Usher up side the head with something a pot, shoe, anything within arms reach lol. Performance or not you do not need to be getting so up, close and personal with this groupie. Unless she is an undercover secretary within Usher's team. Whose husband carries on like so. Do you think Jay Z would even dare smile at another lady whilst performing. Hell no Mrs Carter aka Sasha Fierce would punch him in his mouth and make those lips swell even more. Usher needs to recognise- some of these artists eh, they do get a tad bit carried away!
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