Friday, 26 March 2010

Reflection Eternal Welcome Back!

I for one am happy this duo is working together again. I'm not the biggest fan of their work individually but I think their real creativity comes out when they collaborate. I don't own any of Talib Kweli's albums apart from Reflection Eternal. I do however own two of Hi-Teks albums simply because I thought they'd be as good as Reflection Eternal considering he's the producer. They were alright, but then how many artists have more than one really good album these days? 

 I'm not expecting this album to be a continuation of Train of Thought, but my initial thoughts after hearing this track was these guys are trying to bring hip-hop back or at least try and revive it. It sounds real old school and the beats are just.....simple hip-hop.  It’ll be interesting to see what the rest of the album sounds like.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Pyschology Here I Come.

I’ve always been interested in this subject and regretted not studying it at college. I've been umming and arghing about what to do after feeling a bit bored. I enjoyed participating in the Drama and Vocal Training Course and wanted a new challenge. So I enrolled on a 10 week beginner’s course on Monday which will commence on April the 29th.

I want to understand people’s social, emotional and mental behaviour better, although I don't love sciences as such. However I’m willing to learn an element of it in relation to Psychology. This course will benefit me on so many levels, I really can't wait. It will help me to understand and maybe sympathise when people act a certain way and I’m sure it will help me grow as a person, build my confidence and more importantly help me on my quest to do more public speaking. I love a challenge and although it doesn’t feel good at the time, being pushed out of my comfort zone always benefits me.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I'm Now Reading...

I've actually got about three books on the go at the moment. I was reading Beyond Ugly but I just couldn't get into it, not that I tried that hard! I've decided that if I don't like a book I'm not going to force myself to cpmplete it. So Beyond ugly has returned to the book case and I've given Twighlight a whirl.

I'm not really into the whole vampire, dark eeerie storyline but intrigue got the better of me. I started it yesterday and I can't put it down. It seems everyone and their mother has read this book or watched the movie. So I decided to jump on the band wagon.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Week 23 Of My Journey Getting To New York.

Another week has flown past and what have I done? I've finally sent my passport off for renewal, what a palaver. At least that's out the way and I should get it back within the next month or so.

I also started my show reel which I will complete this week. My aim is to hand this out whilst in New York. You just never know what doors it will open for me, even if it's ten years from now. It will consist of packages, adverts, voice overs and snippets of  entertainment slots I've done. This will all have to be condensed down to no more than 3 minutes.

It was really interesting to hear myself back and to critique my performances. I usually hate hearing the sound of my voice but it was necessary if I want to get better. I have learnt so much since doing my Drama and Vocal Training Course and as a friend of mine said you only get better with practice. I'm looking forward to my next stint of Entertainment News (I'll fill you in with that later).

This week I will continue to call/e-mail companies and think of ways to earn some extra income.
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