Thursday, 25 March 2010

Pyschology Here I Come.

I’ve always been interested in this subject and regretted not studying it at college. I've been umming and arghing about what to do after feeling a bit bored. I enjoyed participating in the Drama and Vocal Training Course and wanted a new challenge. So I enrolled on a 10 week beginner’s course on Monday which will commence on April the 29th.

I want to understand people’s social, emotional and mental behaviour better, although I don't love sciences as such. However I’m willing to learn an element of it in relation to Psychology. This course will benefit me on so many levels, I really can't wait. It will help me to understand and maybe sympathise when people act a certain way and I’m sure it will help me grow as a person, build my confidence and more importantly help me on my quest to do more public speaking. I love a challenge and although it doesn’t feel good at the time, being pushed out of my comfort zone always benefits me.


IgboBaby said...

Yay for Psychology!
I'm going to be starting my Masters program in Psych in the summer. So excited! I love the human brain!

j'Quita said...

Check you out girl...go for it...may open up some interesting information for you.

J'Quita x

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