Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I’ve only listened to this album once, but one listen is usually enough for me to gauge whether I like it or not. My initial thoughts…. this album is border line ok!!!! I wouldn’t consider myself a Ciara fan but I have to admit she is a BAD dancer. None of the tracks really stood out for me and I got to the point where I forgot that the CD was playing, it came like back ground music. I’ll give it another whirl, but I doubt it will make much of a difference.

Drama Week 2...

It’s now week 2 of my Drama & Vocal Training course. It seems that each week our tutor is going to try and push us well outside of our comfort zone. This can only be a good thing I suppose. We did the normal warm up exercises which included breathing and a human machine. This is when each person has to uses a word to describe how their feeling along with an action and we are all shouting around the room like mad people!

We then had to act out a role play in pairs; however we could only use the five vowels A-E-I-O-U. The scene was of two dog owners in a park, one is an active poop scooper and the other is not. Can you imagine trying to have a conversation with only five letters? It was fun and it really pushed us to use our body language, concentrate on the tones of our voices and facial expressions. We did a bit of poetry and plenty of role play sketches which I must admit I am thoroughly enjoying.

I think the main thing I got out of Mondays class was the importance of your tone when speaking to large crowds and how to deal with mind blanks. Next week is singing oh geez!!!!!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Yet another divorce!

Is there something in the water? As yet another celebrity couple are heading for a divorce! I am not a fan of Katie Price and Peter Andre, yet I still feel sorry for them during this time. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to go through a divorce; it’s hard enough to split up from a boyfriend lol. Oh well they managed to stay married for nearly five years, then again should we commend people for staying together- marriage is supposed to be till death do us part, for richer for poorer………

I hold my hands up and admit that I have watched their reality TV programme and have seen the way that Mrs Andre speaks to her husband, it is not good! She berated him constantly, didn’t really support his career moves/ambitions, didn’t seem to show him much respect, constantly highlighted that she was the breadwinner of the family and belittled him on every occasion. I guess this could be down to editing from the production team or it could be her normal behaviour. Why would you treat your husband like that, especially in full view of the world to see?

In return Peter SEEMED very loving, affectionate and most importantly patient with his wife. Wow if this is what he had to put up with on a daily occurrence then I’m not surprised by the outcome. Good luck to the both of them!!!!!!!!!!!
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