Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Drama Week 2...

It’s now week 2 of my Drama & Vocal Training course. It seems that each week our tutor is going to try and push us well outside of our comfort zone. This can only be a good thing I suppose. We did the normal warm up exercises which included breathing and a human machine. This is when each person has to uses a word to describe how their feeling along with an action and we are all shouting around the room like mad people!

We then had to act out a role play in pairs; however we could only use the five vowels A-E-I-O-U. The scene was of two dog owners in a park, one is an active poop scooper and the other is not. Can you imagine trying to have a conversation with only five letters? It was fun and it really pushed us to use our body language, concentrate on the tones of our voices and facial expressions. We did a bit of poetry and plenty of role play sketches which I must admit I am thoroughly enjoying.

I think the main thing I got out of Mondays class was the importance of your tone when speaking to large crowds and how to deal with mind blanks. Next week is singing oh geez!!!!!

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