Friday, 30 January 2009

The Wire

After a friend of mine lent me Season 1 and has been badgering me ever since. I felt some what pressurized into watching “The Wire” and oh how his pressure’s paid off. After a slow start it really has become compelling viewing. Although I’m only half way into Season 1 and have another 4 seasons to go I can honestly say I’m a fan! Once I’ve completed the whole box set I will give my thoughts but so far very good very good indeed!


My home girl/ side-kick/ sistrin is abandoning me and going off to New York for the umpteenth time- sigh!!!!!!!!! In homage of Miss Waltzing Matilda “Electric Relaxation” as I know she loves this track. It must be the whole nostalgia of the Big Apple I feel ya girl. I miss this city soooooo much after spending 5 weeks there (which wasn't enough) it now feels like a second home sniff. When will I get to see NY again….:0(

Thursday, 29 January 2009


As I'm in a retrospective mood, there is another group I have to give props too…… drum roll please… DAMAGE! In case you don’t know Damage were the bad boys of R N B, and most importantly they were British blup, blup (so ghetto I know).

They were another band that was big in the 90’s and although they never had a no.1 single. They still produced very good music! Damn could these boys sing and they had a little swagger about them too. What I liked most about Damage is that they didn’t follow the clean cut, manufactured boy band route; they flew the flag where the likes of mark Morrison left off. There was no other group like them on the market at the time.

I recall when they came and did a performance at my school. Yes you read right Damage came to my school. They were unknown at the time although you wouldn’t think so the way me and my friends were behaving. I am ashamed to say that I acted like a real groupie/ chicken head what ever you want to call it. I even went as far as to chase their car out the car park (side eye glance) how sad egghhh?

I wonder if Damage could jump on the band wagon of comeback’s and just how well would they do? Check their video below… BIG TUUNNNNNNNNNE!!!!!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Cadillac Records.

This film is based on a true story in the 1950’s, and looks into the life stories of some of the musical greats such as Etta James and Chuck Berry to name a few.
My thoughts, a very slooooow start, the first 30-45 min’s could have been cut. As the film is generally quite long and there is so much more depth to the characters that was not illustrated. Beyonce played the role of Etta James petty well. Although I can’t help but think if there wasn’t any singing involved how significant would her role be? Is it just me or would you like to see Mrs Carter portray a different character to that of a singer hmmm. Mos Def played a very good Chuck Berry and Eamonn Walker was equally impressive as Howlin Wolf. Overall an average production and an interesting insight into life back in the 1950’s.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Who remember's Eternal?

I used to loooooove Eternal! They were my group way back in the day, considering there weren’t any other British R N B girl groups at the time. I think this band which consisted of 4 females. Esther and Vernie Bennett (sisters), Kellie Bryan and Louise Redknapp did considerably well. They produced (not literally) 5 albums and did relatively well both here in the UK and stateside (top 20 hit in the US) before departing their own separate ways. Their first single "Stay" was well produced, catchy, and represented real R N B music. Oh how music has changed...

Plus the fact that I convinced myself I wanted to be part of a girl band. I recall me and a friend (she knows who she is) auditioning in the back garden in front of my Uncle. I couldn’t even sing a verse amongst the nerves, and giggles we weren’t ready.

I would record their music videos; learn every verse to their songs. As I had their first album “Always and forever” on cassette- taking it way back! The album was consistent and they always produced good videos. I would even master their dance routines down to a tee. I could probably recall them now if pushed too. I loved their sense of style with their baggy pin rolled jeans, lumberjack jackets and wooden heeled boots. Oh I so wanted to be member!

Check out their first video below.

Aaliyah Biopic

So it seems their really is going to be a biopic on the late Aaliyah, well that’s the word on the street lol, no that’s the word on Bossip. This rumour has been circulating for a while but I think it may just turn into a reality. Whether filming or a release date has been set I can’t answer, but it should be an interesting watch. The singer was very guarded with her personal life, who can blame her after the whole R Kelly escapade. So it will be very interesting to see her life beyond the music videos and interviews, even if it is a little intrusive. The female playing the role of Aaliyah better have her choreography up to scratch.

Monday, 26 January 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I can’t recall the last time I watched a movie that was over two hours long- whooo! Overall a very fascinating story I may have to read the book to help fill in some holes that the film left. As Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt) said “Life isn’t measured in minutes, but in moments” Tis true!
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