Thursday, 29 January 2009


As I'm in a retrospective mood, there is another group I have to give props too…… drum roll please… DAMAGE! In case you don’t know Damage were the bad boys of R N B, and most importantly they were British blup, blup (so ghetto I know).

They were another band that was big in the 90’s and although they never had a no.1 single. They still produced very good music! Damn could these boys sing and they had a little swagger about them too. What I liked most about Damage is that they didn’t follow the clean cut, manufactured boy band route; they flew the flag where the likes of mark Morrison left off. There was no other group like them on the market at the time.

I recall when they came and did a performance at my school. Yes you read right Damage came to my school. They were unknown at the time although you wouldn’t think so the way me and my friends were behaving. I am ashamed to say that I acted like a real groupie/ chicken head what ever you want to call it. I even went as far as to chase their car out the car park (side eye glance) how sad egghhh?

I wonder if Damage could jump on the band wagon of comeback’s and just how well would they do? Check their video below… BIG TUUNNNNNNNNNE!!!!!

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