Friday, 6 February 2009

Glasses are now officially cool!

Have you noticed the sudden surge of people/celebs wearing nerdy glasses? I bagged myself a pair a few months ago and often wear them to work. I know I’m too extra but who cares any excuse!I’ve been told that I look mature and intellectual with my glasses on rah rah…..

I read a piece in The G2 today and they stated that the key look is nerdy but sexy. I have to say there is something about glasses that give you that extra bit of edge. The only problem with mine is that they are not big and square enough. Not quite the sexy nerd look that I was aiming for.

I can only assume that folks who have to wear glasses for improved vision are scratching their heads in confusion. Why would you want to wear glasses if you don’t need them… what as a fashion item!?!?

Who would have thought Run DMC would have played such a big influence on fashion…. Adidas superstars, big glasses, rope chains. I’m so proud to be an 80’s baby.

Thursday, 5 February 2009


This was quite a good film as I thought it would be. I can see why Meryl Streep received an Oscar nomination as she put in an outstanding performance. She plays a nun who confronts a priest after suspecting he is abusing a child. It doesn’t help that the child is the first black student to be accepted into the school… oh yeah and he’s a boy. What I really liked about this film was the succinct dialogue between the characters along with the gripping storyline and the way in which the issues were tackled. Bravo!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Finally got to watch the film very good! I'm too tired to write an in depth analysis, so go watch it for yourself. Round of applause to Derek Luke I'm sure you did Diddy proud and Naturi Naughton, I'm sure Lil Kim wouldn't mind having a quite word in a corner.


After watching this video on Milly Tilly's blog, I just had to post it. Who remembers this song? Choice FM played it to death, but who would have ever thought the guys behind the vocals looked like this. Thanks for insighting me Waltzing Matilda. Take a peep below.....

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Coming to the West End

This 1992 movie is to be turned into a musical production and will open in June here in London. Without Whoopi Goldberg I can’t see how this is going to be half as comical as the movie, but I’m willing to give it a try.

Here’s a clip from the movie- Lauryn Hill what happened man?

Fashion Stop!

Denim will NEVER go out of fashion. The styles and trends will just change each season and this season is all about bleached and ripped denim. I’m not sure if I’ll be rocking the distressed denim look although I always say that and then low and behold I’m wearing ripped jeans. I don’t mind the odd slash here and there but some people do go a little OTT and have their skin exposed in some unsightly places. Do not waste your money in buying a pair, find an old pair of jeans at home and use a razor, NOT scissors to create the look. Viola!

(Image courtesy of People magazine)
The colour nude is back for another year and I wouldn’t mind a nice pair of nude shoes to rock throughout the summer however I’m on a shoe ban. I love nude nails, nude lipstick and nude clothing but it doesn’t really do anything for my complexion. Then again it depends what colour you team it up with hmmmm.

Ribbons and scarves are the new belt. I have a draw full of scarves and will be wrapping one around my midriff once it warms up a little.

Fringe’s no not in your hair, on your shoes, dresses, skirts and bags. I did see a nice dark brown fringe bag a few months ago and was debating whether to buy it or not. I chose not to buy it as like most things I have more than enough bags.

Monday, 2 February 2009

New X Factor Judge?

There seems to be a whole lot of debacle with regards to the X Factor judges. Is Danni Minogue going to be replaced or isn’t she? So to save the producers time and money I think a woman that would be brilliant for the position is Jamelia.
Why her? Well she has been in the music industry for a minute now, and knows her stuff. I feel she would give constructive feed back. She is feisty and can hold her own and would add a bit of spice to the show. She wouldn’t be intimidated by Mr Simon Cowell and therefore would not shilly-shally with her comments. She would be an extra bit of eye candy as she is a stunning lady and would give Mrs Cheryl Cole a run for her money. Most importantly it would be nice to see a young black woman on the judging panel. The chances of this becoming a reality are nil phwoar as I know Jamelia is not even in Simon Cowells radar-sigh!
Join me in chant…. Sign up Jamelia, sign up………

Say it ain't so...

What the BEEP?!?!?! Have you looked outside your window? It’s Feb the 1st and there is at least 2 inches of snow outside. I feel sorry for any of ya’ll that have to leave the house tomorrow, as I am not leaving for nothing yo!
Global warming huh….maybe….. I mean I know they predicted snow but I didn't predict this. Apparently it’s only going to get worse; you better put on your long johns and thermal vests.
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