Friday, 6 February 2009

Glasses are now officially cool!

Have you noticed the sudden surge of people/celebs wearing nerdy glasses? I bagged myself a pair a few months ago and often wear them to work. I know I’m too extra but who cares any excuse!I’ve been told that I look mature and intellectual with my glasses on rah rah…..

I read a piece in The G2 today and they stated that the key look is nerdy but sexy. I have to say there is something about glasses that give you that extra bit of edge. The only problem with mine is that they are not big and square enough. Not quite the sexy nerd look that I was aiming for.

I can only assume that folks who have to wear glasses for improved vision are scratching their heads in confusion. Why would you want to wear glasses if you don’t need them… what as a fashion item!?!?

Who would have thought Run DMC would have played such a big influence on fashion…. Adidas superstars, big glasses, rope chains. I’m so proud to be an 80’s baby.

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