Friday, 20 November 2009

Friday Throwback!

Mary, Mary, Mary my how you’ve matured as we all do! I’ll continue to fly the flag for the 90’s until I run out of videos to post and that won’t be anytime soon. I was out recently and I heard ‘What’s the 411’ album playing (that reminds me I’m going to listen to it when I get home). So I decided to post a video for it. I think Mary looks great in this video, then again when doesn’t she?!?!?!

This was probably one of the first videos that inspired me to wear a cap backwards although my hair didn’t give me the desired effect. My naivety led me to believe that all these singers had full long luscious hair…. no!!! I so wanted a long baseball shirt, the knee pads, boots the full works. I had to make do with a lumber checked jacket and canvas boots. At least we didn’t have the pressures to have sexy provocative clothing as it was all about the baggy jeans, chunky boots and loose fitted tops.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Rated R

This album is actually not too bad! I wouldn't consider myself a Rihanna stan of her music but her fashion game and hair yes!!! After watching Rhi Rhi at the Brixton Academy on Monday evening I decided to see what her latest album had to offer. Miss Robyn Fenty has definitely grown up and taken more of a rebellion, I don't give a bleep approach. This is evident in her song lyrics and choice of promotional pictures.

I'd say her material is a lot more edgy and darker than her previous outing. I can't call if this is a repercussion from the incident earlier this year or if she just wanted to take a different angle. The Rihanna who sang Take A Bow is now shouting expletives left right and centre and opting to do duets with guitarist Slash. Nevertheless true Rihanna stans will be very happy and I personally think this is better than Good Girl Gone Bad. Stand out tracks for me are Hard (needs to the next single), Russian Roulette, Stupid In Love, Fire Bomb, Rude Boy and Cold Case Love.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Michelle Williams Alter Ego

Not a typical post from me but I do love this picture. It was shot by photographer Derek Blanks and represents Michelle's alter ego within a church setting. I love the different characters that Michelle represents. I've always found that Michelle comes across a little serious in interviews/photo shoots, so it's nice to see a light hearted side to her. I would love to do a photo shoot like this, I'd have so much fun with it.

PS Is that chick trying to look like Amber Rose?

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Week 5 Of My Journey Getting To New York.

Not much to report this week. It seems things have slowed down a little but I'm not too concerned. Maybe because I've still got a few months on my hands before the pressure really begins. I've started cold calling companies about internships/work and the main response is that you have to be a student. This is what happened last year so I know I'm going to be pushed way out of my comfort zone and will have to knock on doors whilst out there. The thought alone scares me but I can't let history repeat itself. Plus I think companies are impressed when you just turn up and sell yourself. I may have to change up my A game when conversing with people stateside. It's all about the gift of the gab, something I need to work on. Otherwise I'll get swallowed up amongst the uber confident Americans.

I haven't saved as much money as I would have liked either. Funny enough although I hate getting out of my bed so early these extra shifts have been a blessing. I am a little anxious with regards to how things are going to pan out, will I get the placements I want. Where will I stay this time round? Can I afford to do three months only God knows? I can't pre-empt what will happen and I can only take one day at a time.
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