Friday, 27 March 2009

Wish List....

I want these shoes too! I really need to pray about this shoe fetish of mine. Just because I blog about them doesn’t mean I go out and buy them (yeah K Hart your not convincing anyone). I have to admit Matalan are bang on point when it comes to the latest shoe trends and they are never too expensive. These beauties are under £20 although I think they are out of stock now- boo hoo! I’ve had my eye on them for a while now and I love the whole snakeskin vibe and the zip front detail as zips are still going strong this year. What’s a girl to do?

Coming to BBC 2

I am thrilled that The Wire is finally reaching terrestrial TV, about time too! Even Barack Obama has raved about how good the series is. The debut is next Monday on BBC 2 at 11:20pm. Yes a little late but what did you really expect? It’s gritty, violent, expletives left right and centre and a little heavy with the sex scenes to be on any earlier. It will be on every day Mon-Fri so I will no longer have to wait to borrow the DVD’s from my friend. However I can’t guarantee that I will be staying up at 11:20 every night to watch The Wire hmmmm decisions, decisions?
I am currently half way through season 2 and it’s not as gripping as the first season but I am determined to see it through as I have to see how the story ends. Tune in and give it a try and be warned patience is needed as the story lines can be a little slow.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sir Alan's back!

Oh yes The Apprentice is back in fine form and every body is talking about it. Trevor Nelson was even discussing it on his Breakfast show this morning. How can anyone NOT watch this programme? It is one of the main reasons people stay at home on a Wednesday evening. Its British reality TV at its best, beating the likes of X Factor, Big Brother and Strictly Come Dancing hands down.

Anita was the first to go and rightly so as she didn’t really hold her own in the boardroom and got eaten alive by the other two. I absolutely love Sir Alan Sugar’s wit, cynicism and blunt answers- don’t ramp! After watching last night’s episode it has confirmed that I would NEVER go on the Apprentice. 1 I am not business minded 2 I would not want to be team leader (which everyone has to do at some point) and 3 I would hate to be taken into the boardroom - no thanks!

The bitchiness and back stabbing has already started and it’s only week one, more fireworks and tears to come in the following weeks. Who would you rather work for Diddy or Sir Alan Sugar?

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Slim Shady

By now everybody should be aware that Eminem plans to drop two albums this year- wow no pressure their then! The question is how ever not whether the albums will be any good but whether anybody will buy them? Then again in these times do people buy albums anymore? I read an interesting piece in The Independent about whether Eminem can make a successful comeback. The piece looked at several factors, one being that he has been away for nearly five years. What artist do you know of that hibernates for so long and make’s a successful comeback? Except for Take that maybe and even so they still tried solo careers whilst on their break/split.
I have to admit his first single “Crack the bottle” is nothing to shout about. It’s the same old formula that he had five years ago and lacks the zeal we once knew Eminem for, it sounds a little jaded for 2009. We all know you have to move with the times when it comes to music even if that means compromising your method/process a little. Most importantly when you have an album that did as well as The Marshall Mathers LP (which admittedly I do own) you will always be compared to your best selling work. Look at Jay Z’s “Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life”, Lil Wayne “Tha Carter III” and Nas “It Was Written”. These are their highest selling albums to date and unfortunately anything else they do won’t quite compare. Can Eminem really set the charts alight again? time will tell…..

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Shoes on my wish list....

After spotting Victoria Beckham rock a nice black tassel version of Louis Vuitton shoes I wouldn't mind a pair. Though it was Madonna who wore them first in one of her controversial Luis Vuitton adverts. I won’t be buying a pair as I think the hefty price tag would bring on some form of heart failure. So I'll just stick to admiring other celebs wearing them- sigh!!!!!!!!!!

I also love these Gucci Iman shoes! It’s the triple buckle detail around the ankle that makes these shoes so nice, so don’t cover them up with jeans. Now clearly these shoes are not for everyday wear as the heel looks at least six inches high- no way hosey! These shoes are strictly for getting in and out of the car and sitting down in the bar/restaurant with. NOT for walking up and down the high street or raving in unless you are a true solider good luck to ya! Fear not Ladies I bopped into Matalan on Monday and spotted an identical pair for a fraction of the price, £16 to be exact and the heel is relatively smaller. They come in a grey and metallic bronze colour and I’m going to try my up most and refrain from purchasing yet another pair of shoes.
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