Monday, 14 September 2009

My one year anniversary of NYC

This time last year I was experiencing the time of my life working in New York for 5 weeks- hoody hoooooo! Little did I realise how this trip would change my life in such a big way. I learnt so much about my character; my strengths and weaknesses, my confidence grew and most importantly it enforced that I can do anything I put my mind to by the grace of god!

You know how it goes you never seem to really appreciate things until it’s too late/or they've gone. It was not until the 4th/5th week that I began to settle into the big apple and finally got to grips with walking around the grid system lol, meeting new people, trying new foods and then bang it's time to go home. So much so I was bawling on the plane home (side-eye) REAL TALK!

My biggest regret is that I don’t feel I gave it a real go whilst out there. I just coasted and faded into the background- tut!! Unfortunately fear got the better of me, that's why I have decided to do what ever it takes to raise the cash and go and spend 3 months out there next year. All I can do is trust in god and start to prepare myself mentally and physically for the challenge ahead....NYC Here I come!!!!!!!!!!!


VexInTheCity said...

NY is pretty special. I'm flying out on Thurs to see The Boy. I can't wait to move over there for good!!

K.HART said...

Please... don't I get depressed thinking about it lol.

Enjoy yourself sweetie!

B-RAE said...

KUDOS TO YOU K-HART! When ya' returning? NYC misses you Vibrance & Smile! And you can come hang w/ me in Bed Stuy! Woot Woot!

All the Best,

Matilda Egere-Cooper said...

Awwwww girl! (and you never cry - or not that I've seen recently :-( ) Don't worry, 2010 NYC, WE GOT THIS! I'm getting my portfolio good and ready! x Hoody hoo!!

Ondo Lady said...

You should definatley go for it, next year will come round very fast.

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