Thursday, 17 September 2009

FIERCE SHOES! (minus the string)

Yes, yes I have brought yet another pair of shoes (side-eye). A woman can never have too many shoes....well they can. I've had my eye on these beauties since the beginning of the year. They are the Gucci Iman shoes and I blogged about them months ago. Now obviously mine are not designer but a cheaper alternative.

Matalan stocked them in a black patent and metallic grey/silver colour for £16 but I missed the boat. Then I noticed Peacocks were stocking them in Navy Blue, Fuchsia Pink and White. I tried them on umpteen times but told myself K-Hart “fall back.... you don't need any more shoes”. So I did what most woman do and looked at them longingly every time I walked past the shop window lol. However I took farce yesterday and popped into Peacocks just to see what their shoe section was saying and lo and behold theses shoes had gone down from £20 to £10 hoooody hoooooo. Of course I didn't hesitate and literally ran to the till with my babies.

How to wear these shoes....

* DO NOT wear with jeans (not even skinnies) as the main focus of these shoes is the ankle buckle detail.

* If you choose to wear them with leggings change up the colour i.e. mine are blue so I can get away with black leggings and a nice black top. If you buy a black pair team with non black leggings for a bit of variety.

* team them with a skirt (tulip, pencil), dress, harem pants or any form of cropped trousers. REMEMBER the key is to show off the buckle detail.

* These shoes are quite dressy so don't bring them down with casual attire

* Rock these shoes with pride...I sure will!


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Ondo Lady said...

LOL LOL, a woman after my own heart. Don't worry, you did the right thing. They look super lush.

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