Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday Throwback!

Brandy - Baby
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I wasn't sure which Brandy video too pick so opted for this one. I was so young and oblivious that I didn't realise this video was shot in the heart of Times Square (New York baby). These were the days when puffa coats were the one; I loved her white version. I had a FLAT yellow puffa jacket at school. This kind of defeated the point really as puffa jackets were meant to be puffy oh well. Then I tried to revive my self with a black patent version during college. It was way too big and literally swamped my body, plus it was so uncomplimentary. The things we do for fashion eh?

Brandy rocked braids so well and did so many different styles with them. She was like the Rihanna of extensions and made we want to get braids again. These were the days when videos were innocent and less sexually overt.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Latest Addidtion To My Wardrobe.

I've finally got my Dr Martens-yeah!!!! I've been raving on about these since last year, but was in two minds, as I think you have to have a certain look/style to carry them off. My friend kindly brought them for me and although their not originals, I don't care. I LOVE them especially as there patent!
They'll get their debut tomorrow and I'm going to team them with leggings and a fitted top or denim shirt. Plus there the perfect footwear for the weather outside at the moment. I never thought in a million years that I'd be wearing Dr Martens again, but my style has changed so much over the past year. Especially since I chopped my hair off. I find I dress that little bit more edgier now. 

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Kelis In Complex Magazine.

I can't wait to see whether Kelis delivers on her new album Acapella. I love this shot, her skin looks flawless. I like her hair although I prefer it short, the glasses, the earrings damn I love it all. I didn't really appreciate Kelis's individuality before but she's paved the way for many of these young artists today.

Monday, 8 February 2010

What The Bleep Is Going On?

This video is evidence of why my children will NOT be having a TV in their bedroom. They'll be lucky if they own a computer and if so it will have a parental lock on. Uh ma'am! I'm not sure how old this young boy is, but I'd say he's no older than ten? It just goes to show kids pick up on everything. Clearly he has watched several music videos to imitate this kind of behaviour.Where is this boys parents?!?!? They probably the ones filming this video tut tut.

My child would get a whoops up side the head for pulling this ish. "Boy you better get your booty in the house" (that's the nice version).  All jokes aside this is not a good look!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Week 17 Of My Journey Getting To New York.

This month is going to be quite challenging as my outgoings are high. The utility bills are due and I dread to see the price of my gas bill this quarter- eeek. I'm hoping to save £400 this month, which will go towards the rent on the apartment. Anything more is a bonus hmm we’ll see.

This week I focused on which media companies I could work for. Where as before I applied to places that seemed appealing and had the biggest name. There’s nothing wrong with that but I’ve got to be more open minded. There are a lot of Radio/News/TV stations that I didn't know about. Aside from the big companies like MTV, CNN, HOT 9 and ABC, there are some smaller independent companies that I over looked. I've learnt from experience that it's not always about working for the big well known companies. It can sometimes feel like crab in a bucket syndrome. The smaller independent places sometimes give you bigger opportunities and really throw you into the deep end. It can end up being a blessing in disguise!!!

I'm still waiting to hear back after putting out the calls and e-mails out this week. I'm going to continue harassing people until I get my answer YES YOU CAN come and work with us lol.
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