Thursday, 1 October 2009

Topshop Wishlist

Long sleeved mini dress £45

Skirt £28

Dress £35

Playsuit £50

Skirt £32

Monday, 28 September 2009

The Pressures of looking good...

I’d like to think I’m not the only female that feels the pressures of looking groomed everyday (I’m sure some men have this problem too). You know how it is your hair looks constantly slick, clothes pieced together effortlessly, nails painted with not one chip, make up flawless.

I have never been the kind of girl that will get up extra early to achieve that near perfected make-up look, who’s got time plus I love my sleep too much. However I know there are some females that do this and I take my hat off to them.

There’s the added pressure of female celebrities that more or less look damn near perfect every time you see them. I remind myself that they have stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists on call 24/7. I’m just saying it can be hard for an everyday chick like me.

This post has been brought on because I went to the hairdressers last week and got my hair did! Why is it that you can never achieve the look that your hairdressers do? So my hair is currently looking glossy and healthy due to a relaxer and treatment. You know how you have an extra spring in your step when your hair looks good, come on now! Or your outfit looks fly or you’ve got on a new pair of shoes. Someone even said I looked super-star-ish yesterday lol (I think it was the shades).

I guess it all boils down to making time to pamper yourself and working with what you’ve got. Let's not forget that your diet and exercise regime plays a big factor in all of this. I don’t feel you need tons of money you just need to find what works best for you and run with it. Then the confidence will grow and you will feel good regardless. I can honestly say I’m getting there, I have cut my hair in a style that I LOVE!!! I’ve become a bit more daring with my clothes and am finally learning what colours, styles and cut’s work for me- whooo hooooo!

Do I still have insecurities? Yes ma'm but I guess that's just a part of life!
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