Saturday, 9 May 2009


I’m in an introspective mood today and stumbled across this video. No it isn’t new but seeing as I don’t have access to cable TV I have never seen it before. The track is called “I’m Cheatin” and is taken off the “Sketches of a Man” album by Dwele. This album really did get slept on and I don’t know why because it's excellent! I so love this song not necessarily for the message, although it is quite creative. As this isn’t a classic case of infidelity- just listen to the lyrics. You’ll get it by the end of the video depending how perceptive you are.

No it’s more about the production, the track is TIGHT!!!! I love the calming feel to it, the chords from the guitar, the piano keys; I swear I can hear a trumpet/flute horn in their some where and the soft beat of the drums. Look at me getting all creative lol. Plus it reminds me of many a sunny day strolling around the streets of NYC (sniff). I think I need to go and see Dwele live the next time he comes to London.

Rhianna what the beep?!?!?!?

(Image courtesy of Bossip)

This ish really is messed up. So some pictures have surfaced of the young Rhi Rhi and her current/ex boyfriend Chris Brown (who knows the status of these two, I can’t keep up) all over the internet. What you do in private with your other half is your business, HOWEVER when you are in the public domain there are some things you just can’t afford to do and taking nude pictures is one of them. There are no guarantees that you will be in the relationship forever and there is a HIGH risk that the pictures may get leaked. Hmmmm…. I wonder how the press got their hands on these. Maybe someone found the phone that was allegedly tossed out the window after the alleged attack and then leaked them (side-eye glance). I really don’t think Chris Brown would be silly enough to leak them during his trial.

These pictures are not a good look! If you do insist on taking nude pics of yourself you better lock them in a safe lol. Her privacy has totally been violated and I really hope there is no sex tape to follow! She has many impressionable fans who look up to her as a role model (no pressure eh) and this is yet another embarrassing set back for her. She is the face of Cover Girl as well as a model for Gucci. I can’t see them being too happy about this, and I don’t think it will sit to well with the many people who felt sympathy for her during the beating incident. Rhiannas career is far from over but will she be taken seriously anymore?!?!?!?!?

Friday, 8 May 2009

Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons is the PREQUEL not a sequel to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. After an initial slow start the movie began to pick up pace, it was okay I'd give it a 5/10. There were plenty of twist and shocks throughout and it made the city of Rome look very picturesque. They seem to be promoting this film really hard, but I doubt it will be this year’s blockbuster.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Idris Elba anyone?

Idris Elba is the man it seems! He's hailed as the sexual chocolate across the globe (particularly in the US, you know how they be) as women seem to love our Idris. I guess there is something about him, especially when he plays the role of kingpin Stringer Bell. If you don’t know about Stringer Bell you really need to watch The Wire. Though I did see him out at an event a few years back and everything looked nice until I observed the footwear. He had sandals on… I’ll leave it their.

There’s a piece out today in The Guardian G2 that shows his rise to fame. I have to give him his props as he has done extremely well. He has set up base in Atlanta Georgia and established himself as an actor (as it seems you’ll be lucky to get a lead role in the UK). He’s starring in the new movie Obsessed alongside Beyonce, which seems to be doing pretty good stateside hmmmm…He DJ’s from time to time and worked on Jay Z’s American Gangster album. He’s a good role model for young aspiring actors and actresses. As well as being considered as the new black bond (courtesy of the Obama effect). Idris Elba K-Hart salutes you!!!!!!
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