Thursday, 4 December 2008

Nursery Rhyme's make a comeback?!?

Now I wouldn’t normally post something like this, but when my home girl told me about this new funky house move. I had to check it out. For all those hard core ravers that love their funky house, you’ll be all too familiar with the dance moves above. Now apparently this tune has been out for a minute and when the DJ decides to drop it on the decks. Every one is skanking hard and reaching for their head, shoulders, knees and toes- yeah, yeah!
I can see I’m getting old-sigh!

I ventured down to Cargo (good old Shoreditch) last night for the Hugo Urban Rules Show. Sugababes headlined the event and did a good job. I was particularly impressed with their version of En Vogues "Don't Let Go". Whah is that you Sugababes?
Overall a night full of jokes! It seems as though everybody has gotten into the Christmas spirit early. With the drinks flowing and the Sugababes blasting out of the speakers, I couldn't help but get up and chant along to "can we bring yesterday back around, cause i know how i feel about you now....! LOL
You can catch this event on MTV at a later date.

I'm a little late with this eatery. Thanks to Miss Cooper who has been raving on about this place for the longest time. If you want good food for a cheap price eat at Cha Cha Moon. It is a Chinese noodle bar very similar to Wagamama. The decor is on point, location is central (Carnaby St, London) and most importantly it is good tasting quality food for £3.50. EVERYTHING on the menu is £3.50 barring the drinks. The portions are of a decent size and the service is pleasant and speedy. Give it a whirl!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I likey!

Eric Benet is back! Here's his second single "Hunger" off his Love and Life Album.

Has Britney still got the X Factor?

Now unless you've been hiding under a rock or you simply don't care! There has been a lot of furore over Britney's performance on the X Factor last Saturday. I'm not gonna lie as soon as I knew Britney was coming on everything stopped in my house. I literally sat in front of the TV eager to see the comeback of all comeback's (side eye glance). Now we all remember her past performances, slick dancing, energetic, compelling to watch. If you've forgotten take a peep below. This was Britney at her best!

I have no doubt that Britney will make a full comeback however I don't think Saturday was quite the day for it. As for someone who is known for their energy and choreography, Britney had neither. I felt the performance was a little lacklustre, and that her management, dad, team who ever just shoved her on stage. The proof was in the pudding when Dermot asked her a few questions- and her responses were a little... shall we say odd. Britney noooooooo! I think she still need's some more timme and after reading several interviews this week she still has a way to go. Need less to say I'm still rooting for Miss Spears, all we can do is pray for her.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Lake view Terrace

Okay so I was lucky enough to get a press screening for the above film- oh the joys of working in the media lol. Lakeview Trerrace was aight!!!! The story involves Samuel L Jackson who plays a police officer and doesn't take too lightly to his new neighbours. Why? because they are an inter-racial married couple.... duh duh duhhhhhhh! What I can say about this film is that it is unpredictable and it made me snigger from time to time. Did it leave a lasting impression? Errrr no! but it was produced by Will Smith if that counts?

I suggest you wait for this to come out on DVD, especially during the hard times we are now in and the cinema (tief) can set you back £8? that's not including popcorn.....

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