Saturday, 17 October 2009

Look Of The Week

Baylen receives the look of the week award. He's a Producer/Presenter/DJ and originates from the States. I like the fact that he has added his own little twist to this simple outfit. It was the shoe laces that sold it for me.

Jacket £75 (Zara)
T-Shirt £5 (Fruit of the Loom)
Belt £8 (Army Navy)
Jeans £29 (Uniqlo)
Converse £75
Laces £3 each (Mr Lacey)
Chain £3 (Spain)

Friday, 16 October 2009

Winter Coats/Jackets

Duffel Coats made a return last year and are back again this season. I really want one in red but forgot that I had this in the wardrobe. I like the high, folded neck detail and the hood. I would have preferred a longer length to give it a more feminine touch but I'll rock it with my Converse high tops, leggings or skinny jeans.

Tosphop £20

Cape coats are another big look for this winter. Red, Purple or Cobalt Blue are all nice colours to opt for.

Warehouse £110

Faux Fur is a must have! I brought one a few years ago but it wasn’t fitted enough so I discarded it. Fur coats can be either dressed up with a nice dress and shoes or dressed down with skinny jeans or ripped leggings and fierce biker boots. I guarantee you can find one up for £30 or under in a charity shop or market stall. Don't forget to check out your local high street as sales are now on, just be patient.

H & M £69.99

Military Coats are back again. I suggest popping up to Fonthill Road as I found one for £20. Team up with a nice chunky scarf and a beanie hat and your good to go.

Primark £25

Biker Jackets are not going anywhere and although they are not practical for the winter months you will still look hawt! If you insist on making a fashion statement over practicality (keeping warm) then layer up. The studded detail looks nice on this so keep the rest of your outfit pretty simple. I picked up a jacket similar to the one below from Primark for £5. I'll post a picture at a later date.

New Look £40

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Just one of them days!

Today was a typical Thursday or so I thought it would be. I had a day off and I planned to pay my bills, tidy the flat and continue with Phase One of getting to NYC. I woke up just after 9am but felt rather lazy so jumped on the internet for a while, read for a bit and continued to watch This Morning. Time had ebbed away and it was now 12:20pm and I'm still not dressed (no comments please it's my lazy day). Then I get the dreaded phone call from my friend...

Mike -Hey Karen you know your supposed to be at work today?!

Me -Ha ha...yeah very funny Mike!

Mike -No Karen seriously, you’re in today and tomorrow!

Me -Really Mike....are you joking?

Mike -Why would I do that to you? I looked around and noticed no one was in, so I checked the rota and saw your name down.

Me -Are you serious? (Its 12:30pm I'm not even dressed and we go on air in an hour)

Mike -Karen honestly you’re in today. What time can you get here?

Me -Err....I don't think I'll get in for 1:30pm (now I'm beginning to panic).

Mike -Ok I'll print the scripts and I'll let the team know you’re on your way in.

Me -Mike are you joking?!?! (Please Lord let him be joking)

Mike -Karen I'm not joking!

Me -Ok I'm on my way!

Can you believe I'm still waiting for Mike to call me back and say just kidding, unfortunately that call never came through. Now I'm thinking what the bleep, bleep, bleep happened? Why did I think it was my day off and how in Jesus name am I going to get washed, dressed and arrive at work within the hour? Well ladies it can be done. I jumped in the bath, ironed my t-shirt, applied a little make-up, tonged the back of my hair and packed my bag in twenty five minutes. Yes all that in twenty five minutes (mind you my flat looks like a bombs hit it) and I managed to get to work for 1:20pm. Thank God I live quite central as I had ten minutes to spare. By the time I got in someone agreed to cover me as I was all sweaty and flustered after running through the West End like a mad women. I can laugh about it now but I don't plan for this to happen EVER again! I know a few people who claim they work better under pressure. It seems I get ready/dressed better under pressure, then again don't we all?

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Surprise, Surprise

Why oh why are fares on London transport rising again?!?! Gee whiz can't we have a year off Mr Mayor puhlease! I've already cut corners by leaving the crammed, sweaty, stuffy tube behind (except for when I'm trekking to the other side of London) for the bus.

Whilst I can't complain as I have saved money and am guaranteed a seat on most occasions. I get to read more due to extended travelling time. Listen to my MP3, play on my crackberry and enjoy the scenic routes the bus provides. This however does not mean I want to face up to a 10% increase on fare prices. Especially when buses have a tendency to drive past me whilst standing at the bus stop.

So Mr Mayor if you can please find a way to have mercy on us for 2010 I'd much appreciate it. This is why I need to get me my moped pronto.

The Wait Is Ova

I'm intrigued to say the least with regards to what kind of material will be on this album due to drop the 23rd of November. I'm not the biggest Rihanna fan but I can't lie home girl has stepped up her A game since her "Pon De Replay" days. She changes her hair like you would a pair of shoes and her fashion status is locked down thanks to her stylist. Plus she is in with the baddest crew in town, Jay Z and Kanye West. If it wasn't for them I don't think Miss Rhi Rhi would be where she is now. You did well there girlie!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wonders whether she is going to indirectly talk about the Chris Brown incident/relationship on every other track. Nevertheless the sales on this album will go through the roof as she has kept scthum since February. Everybody will be eager to see what she's gonna come out with. The A-list producers will have hooked her up and no doubt Neyo will give her a few number one ballads to play with. All she has to do now is work on her live performances as I'm under the impression that she feels her look will carry her through. No honey shake a leg, learn a routine, swing that hair show us some passion. Especially when you have the likes of Mrs Carter to contend with.

PS Loves the look below, I'm feelin the hair!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Here we go again....

I forgot to blog about this when I read the News of the World this weekend. Ooooh Javine we all know there are certain lines you don’t cross and sleeping with your friend’s boyfriend/ husband is one of them. I am not surprised this relationship has come to an end as it was formed on lies and deceit. Those things never work! How can you expect Harvey to stay faithful and committed when he cheated on you with his wife. I truly do believe in the saying what goes around comes around!

It's a sad shame as now she is left with no career (did she ever have one), no man and the public don’t have no love for her. They have all sided with Miss Dixon. It wouldn’t be so bad if she just held it down a little when the news came out. She went on like she was the ish and had no remorse towards what she’d done. She has probably adopted the title “man tief”. It takes two to tango and all the blame does not fall on Javine, Harvey is just as bad. Although it seems women always seem to get the flak when men cheat, why is that?

Just to think people had high hopes when she auditioned on Pop Idol and went on to forge a somewhat solo career. I predict Javine will vanish into oblivion and Harvey will continue to have more children and that's the end of that!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Phase One of my journey getting to New York.

I've decided to do a weekly diary on my progression towards working in New York for 3 months next year 2010. The aim is to go in August as I have a tendency to procrastinate and need a deadline. I want to enjoy a summer out there have fun and work of course. I can’t lie at lot needs to be done and August will swing round in no time. This month is all about making contacts at certain media outlets and I'm going to aim high this time. This is why it's important for me to follow my plan and stick to it.

Another important factor is going to be money. One of the sacrifices I've had to make is working on Saturday and Sunday from the hours of 6am-12pm. This means sometimes working seven days a week. I started this shift in September and will work every weekend right through till December. I am not an early bird, never have been and doubt I will be until the children come lol. Do I enjoy getting out of bed early particularly on the weekend....NO! However I have to stay focused and remember exactly why I'm doing this. These extra shifts will enable me to start saving some serious money as I'm going to need every penny. After doing a brainstorm with a friend of mine I'll need to save at least £400 a month if I plan to go next August whoo! Nothing is impossible but it will be a challenge as I have the usual outgoings to pay rent, bills, transport, food etc. No more shoes for me (get the violins out)

Roots "Sacrifice" song comes to mind- "I tell you one lesson I learned, If you want to reach something in life, You ain't gonna get it unless, You give a little bit of sacrifice"

It's s funny how you always get challenged in your weakest areas. When I worked in New York last year I met some people who are on Diddy's level they DON'T sleep and if I’m serious abut making an impression I'm going to have to be the first one in and the last one out. The media in the states is a whole different ball game and whilst there are more opportunities competition is a lot fiercer. The saying be careful what you ask for comes to mind as visiting America for a few weeks is all fun and dandy but to work there. I’ll have to be tenacious, confident, consistent, hungry and adopt a can do attitude to everything.

You can read part two of my journey getting to New York next Sunday.
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