Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Here we go again....

I forgot to blog about this when I read the News of the World this weekend. Ooooh Javine we all know there are certain lines you don’t cross and sleeping with your friend’s boyfriend/ husband is one of them. I am not surprised this relationship has come to an end as it was formed on lies and deceit. Those things never work! How can you expect Harvey to stay faithful and committed when he cheated on you with his wife. I truly do believe in the saying what goes around comes around!

It's a sad shame as now she is left with no career (did she ever have one), no man and the public don’t have no love for her. They have all sided with Miss Dixon. It wouldn’t be so bad if she just held it down a little when the news came out. She went on like she was the ish and had no remorse towards what she’d done. She has probably adopted the title “man tief”. It takes two to tango and all the blame does not fall on Javine, Harvey is just as bad. Although it seems women always seem to get the flak when men cheat, why is that?

Just to think people had high hopes when she auditioned on Pop Idol and went on to forge a somewhat solo career. I predict Javine will vanish into oblivion and Harvey will continue to have more children and that's the end of that!

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