Thursday, 12 March 2009

Pied Piper

Got to watch the Pied Piper hmmmm…. For those who don’t know it’s a modern day version of the poem by Robert Browning and the rats are replaced by hoodies, who the government want stamped out. The pied piper is played by Kenrick ‘H20’ Sandy who also choreographed the play which infuses hip-hop street dance. I wasn’t aware that this play won an Olivier Award (I will soon become an Olivier expert after my hiccup on radio tut tut- private joke!)
The problem is that I have watched other theatre performances that incorporate street dance and in comparison the Pied Piper doesn’t come as close. Some of the scenes were way too long and there was way too much emphasis on the fighting/dancing. The story line wasn’t that clear cut and a little narrative would have helped clarify the confusion. I also think playing music that people are familiar with doesn’t hurt, it gives them something to relate too. However the calibre of dancing was good and the fact it has progressed from Stratford to the Barbican is a bonus!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I Luv Live

I went down to my first ever I Luv Live event last night and it was good! For those who don’t know I Luv Live looks at the best of UK talent. The acts that caught my eye the most were Ava Leigh, a songstress with an old school ska kind of vibe, a mix between Duffy and Amy Winehouse-me thinks. Then there was GHETTS, whoooo this young man sure is hyper. His energy was on a next level, I’m surprised he didn’t try to crowd surf at one point. He definitely represented for the kids/grime heads. I can just hear his whiney voice now... I make deh gyal dem sing for me….. lol. My friend compared to him Glamma Kid hmmmm.
Crazy Cousinz crew came and dropped some funky house, with the tribal hit Bongo Jam. At this point cargo’s Dancefloor was full, don’t you just love funky house music? Last but not least Sway rounded of the night nicely and demonstrated how he has matured since his 1st album- This is my Demo, overall an enjoyable night.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

P Twitty TV

Diddy always has to take it that one step further and has created Twitty TV, not content with having a normal Twitter account. He is too much as the above clip demonstrates, I can’t help but laugh at him. It shows the Puff master being extremely hyper working on his latest album- Last train to Paris. Does this man ever sleep? Can't stop, wont stop!
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