Friday, 5 March 2010

I LOVE Nia Long!

I love Nia Long always have, always will. Ever since she played the role of Will's girlfriend Lisa in 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' I was hooked. She looks absolutely stunning here in a silver and gold dress and cream shoes at the Essence Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon. Her hair looks on point as always...I'm so glad she's gone back to short. I'm itching to cut my hair shorter as it's grown a bit and this style may just be the one.
 Nia keep doing your thing girl!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

My Finances

This year I've taken the decision to be more disciplined with my money. Whilst I can be frugal when I have a challenge e.g my trip to New york, I tend to just spend ALL I have. Thank God I don't have any debts apart from my student loan. I've cleared my overdraft, arrears in council tax etc.

This month i've taken it that step further by really making my banks work for me. I'm in love with online banking ( I'm so late) it makes the process of transferring money so much simplier. Plus I can keep a watchful eye on my statements. My main bank account was currently were my wages got paid into and were all my direct debits came out of. This weekend I transferred all my direct debits to come out of my secondary account. Each month I will transfer the bulk sum of my wages enough to cover my rent. monthly travel and utility bills and then my direct debits will come out of this account solely.
My main account will leave me with the remainder of my wages. This way i won't get any sudden surprises when the TV licence comes out. i know I'm not the only one that goes to the cash point to think i have a certain amount and lo and behold a direct debit that i've forgotten about has come out- arrggh.

I think this way of banking is going to work so much better for me it will force me to be even more disciplined and at least I can see whatv I've got left to play with.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Wish List

Cream Flat Brogues (Dorothy Perkins) £32

Boyfriend Blazer (New Look) £18

Snow Wash Skinny Jeans (Warehouse Outlet) £10

Premium Silk Playsuit (Topshop) £60  £15 (This has sold out online but I'm determined to find it in store)
Metallic Gladiator Sandal (New Look) £12

Silk Zip Dress (Topshop) £55 £25

Blue Print Tapered Trousers Miss Selfridge £29 £7

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Blind Side.

This film was very good!
I was pleasantly surprised as I knew nothing about the story line. The plot really tugged my heart strings and made me appreciate every thing I have in my life. Sandra Bullock did justice to her character (round of applause). I can now understand why she received an Oscar nomination.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Nicola Roberts My New Muse.

Nicola Roberts has become one of the ladies to look out for. I never used to take much notice of her in Girls Aloud but she's beginning to step out of the shadows of the band. She'll never be Cheryl Cole or Sarah Harding, but she's really blossomed and is making a name for herself on the fashion scene. It just goes to show that once you become comfortable in your own skin and find key pieces that compliment and fit your body shape your on a winning streak. Nicola's key items seem to be her cropped leather jacket which she cleverly teams up nicely with day time wear and evening gowns, Chanel bags and her embrace of colours.

Nicola Roberts at the Elle Awards in a Vanessa Bruno jumpsuit. She looks fab in this pink ensemble. I love her hair at the moment.

Simple in all black at London fashion Week

Another fab look here, she dazzles in a teal-coloured Issa London gown with bright red nails.

This outfit was a bit risque but she managed to get away with it. I like the velvet, gold and black detail it's very genie like.

Kate Moss For Topshop Dress and Chanel Bag.

I could so see myself wearing something like this in the summer with some wedges or gladiator sandals (can someone PLEASE sponsor me to be their clothes horse).

This Fuchsia Pink dress compliments her pale skin tone beautifully, oh the shoes, the shoes!

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Week 20 Of My Journey Getting To New York.

This week I've continued to e-mail radio stations and TV companies with regards to doing some work experience. We are in March and I still haven't confirmed a placement, so it seems I need to up the ante.

I haven't put any money aside this month, it's there unspent just not int he bank as yet. The grave yard shifts I’ve been working the past few weekends are solely for New York. The moneys coming I just haven't handed in the invoices. Once I get paid I'll put it straight into my account and that'll be February's savings. Sod’s law that whilst I’m trying to be frugal with my money, things around my flat are breaking. My wardrobe is on its last legs and is leaning like the tower of Pisa that’ll set me back at least £150. My laptop is beginning to make some strange groaning noises which I’ve translated into ‘Karen please I’m dying here, I don’t know how much longer I can last, please just let me go’ lol lol.

All jokes aside this week has again been insightful as I'm beginning to get to grips with my finances and am currently reading a few books that are educating me with my money. Obviously I need to apply these principals as reading alone is not going to get me anywhere.

Checklist for this month is to
  • Renew my pasport
  • Put February's wages into savings account
  • Broaden my search for work placements.
  • Save as much as I can
  • Secure another University guest talk
  • Complete my Showreel
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