Thursday, 5 November 2009

The Effect Of Words!

I'm trying to get too a place where negative words/actions don’t affect me too much I can be a tad sensitive (bring out the violins) so it's easier said than done. I’ve heard the saying too many times that you need to have a thick skin, particularly whilst working in the media. I just can’t stand it when people are rude it's so unnecessary but I’m learning that it’s just a part of life and I’m going to have to deal with it.

I’m all too aware that everyone has insecurities and that people are at different places in their life. Some people are going through things that we wouldn’t dare think about and choose to express their frustrations in the wrong way and some people are just straight up rude lol. I have to tell my self it’s their problem not mine (as my friend keeps reminding me) and to continue with the P.M.A (positive mental attitude). All that aside I’m only human and I do have feelings. I think people underestimate the effect of words, look what Michael Jackson's father's words did too him.

I confess in the past I've been a little hasty in the way I speak to people without considering how it might affect their feelings. I’m not too proud to say sorry though and try to think more before I speak. It’s not always what you say but how you say it! Maybe I dwell on how it makes me feel too much. I’m not at the place yet where words bounce off me like a bullet proof vest but I will get there!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Alexandra Burke Does Wonderland

Alexandra Burke has done a photo shoot for Wonderland magazine. I have to give props where props are due and the chick looks hawt! She has really blossomed and come into her own since winning the X Factor last year. I met her a few years ago whilst she was supporting a friend during radio interviews and she's exactly how she comes across on television, sweet bubbly and very friendly. I would definitely go and see her in concert as I know she would be entertaining and good value for money.

Check out the pictures below....

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Week 3 Of My Journey Getting To New York

This week has been another fairly quiet week on the New York front. I have started to become stricter with my finances and have nearly tied up all loose ends. When January 2010 arrives I can dedicate a majority of my money towards getting to New York! Although I do try and put a bit away now, every little helps as Tesco would say.

I have formulated my list of contacts and forgot how long winded it can be trying to get the details of someone of importance. It is really tricky and whilst I’ve sent e-mails (I must remember the importance of being patient) I have not heard anything back as yet. I don’t love doing it but I’m going to have to start cold calling certain companies, what joy! My main priority at the moment is securing work placements. Once that is done then everything else will fall into place. I have to remain positive and continue to believe that I WILL return to the city that never sleeps next year. Thankfully I have a great colleague at work who worked in NYC for 2 yrs. He has been a great help/god send and helped me with my visa, contacts etc when I went last year.

Bit of Inspiration (background info on how my friend lived in NYC)

He approached several media companies and secured a place at BBC New York for a month. He worked for FREE and oh how it paid off. He went over there, worked hard and made one hell of an impression. He said he never sat around looking bored and always found things to do. He always went the extra mile above and beyond and stayed proactive. Nothing was too hard/difficult or a problem for him to do (I see him like this at work and I'm trying to adopt this attitude). After returning to the UK, a month later he received a call from the big chief in New York offering him a full time job at the BBC does he want it? Of course he said yes and the rest is history. Unfortunately he wasn’t wise with his finances and had to come home. He said if it wasn’t for the money situation he’d still be there now.

It just goes to show how far your attitude, mind set and your willingness to work hard can take you in life. Never underestimate the impression/effect you leave on people! Tune in next Sunday for week 4 and how I got to NYC last year.
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