Saturday, 9 January 2010

Re: In Da Face Sweatshirt

These hoodies are to cool for school! It's Akeem and Semmi in their Queens attire lol. *Classic Quote* Semmi "Apparently these are the best women Queens has to offer. Pick one and let's go home".

Would I wear one.....nah! but anything associated with the classic movie Coming To America always gives me joke. This film definitely makes my top ten favourite movies. If your a true stan you can purchase these tops as it also comes in a grey t-shirt check out the Stuff Fly People Like website.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Life without my...

lovely black berry. I'm just coming to terms with having to resort too my faithful old Nokia (the same Nokia I was dissing a few months back). I'm not a snob but once you experience an I-phone or Blackberry trust me you won't want to go back.

I dropped my phone over the Christmas period and cracked the screen sigh! That was it for my temperamental ever so delicate mini computer/phone. It's amazing how dependant you become on technology. I think the feature I miss the most is the blackberry messenger. Texting is so long and you can't really have a big time conversation where as with instant messenger the convo just flows. I miss instant access to my e-mails, uber twitter. I even miss the key pad for pete's sake and didn't realise how uncomfortable it was to text on a normal phone.

I guess this has become a bit of a humbling experience for me and at least I get a mini break from always being contactable. I now use my time just a smidgen more wisely and read a book on my journey to and from work instead of tweeting or faffing about on my crack berry. I may as well enjoy the break while I can as I’m counting down the days until I get it back.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My January Bargains.

Double Breasted Jacket Cardigan £60 £15 (Warehouse)

I adore this cardigan/jacket and brought it from my favourite shop at the moment.....Warehouse Outlet. I class this as a cardigan as it's a knitted material. I'll team it up with a fitted dress, my thick cotton tights, brogues or my converse. My new thing is dresses, skirts and my converse shoes/boots. I have Fearne Cotton to thank for that.

Dirty Indigo Western Jacket £50 £10 (Warehouse)

This is to put down for the summer and will probably get its debut in New York. I've wanted a fitted denim jacket since last year and viola I found this. It fits so nice and snugly around the waist. I'll wear this with a nice floral dress or a pair of jeans, harem pants and a crop top (hence why my abs needs to be perfected by May). This jacket also comes in grey at the same price. It took every ounce of will power for me not to buy they grey one too.

Bleached Denim Shirt £30 £10 (Topshop)

I was uuming and arghing about buying one of these when I trudged down to Roman Road Market a few months ago with Fashion Bytes. Wishing I had brought one I found this beauty amongst the Topshop rails in Brixton. Denim shirts will still be around this spring summer. I wore it yesterday with my leggings, red Converse high tops and a black v-neck. I'll also be teaming it over dresses and skirts as it'll probably double up as a jacket in the summer.

Long Sleeved Basic Cardigan £20 £10 (Topshop)

I own this cardigan in black and I have worn it religiously. I really has got my money's worth out of this cardigan and is still going strong so without bobbles and all. I decided to give the black one a break and brought it in navy for a bit of variation.

Office Strapped In £80 £15

No I haven't brought these shoes but I want them sigh! I can't buy any more heeled shoes as I have more than enough and some have yet to be worn. I really, really want these shoes and if they go down to £10 I may just have to bite my lip and get them (don't judge me)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Week 12 Of My Journey Getting To New York.

It’s the first weekend in January and I’m all raring to go. Last week I put some more money into my New York fund (a substantial amount for once). Now is the time to get very serious and more disciplined with my money. I now have about 30 weeks until I depart and I know time is going to fly by. I need to save at least £350 a month.…hmm. Knowing that I only have a mater of weeks will give me the push that I need to find a new job.

By the end of this month I hope to have found my accommodation and put a deposit down. I also need to start hollering at media companies on a regular basis. Procrastination CANNOT be an option over the next few months. As this trip has to be better than last time although I had the time of my life. This year I’m going with a plan and by the grace of God I’ll succeed.

I can’t believe I’m going to back in New York within a matter of months it won’t sink in until I’m on the plane and we touch down at JFK airport.
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