Thursday, 7 January 2010

Life without my...

lovely black berry. I'm just coming to terms with having to resort too my faithful old Nokia (the same Nokia I was dissing a few months back). I'm not a snob but once you experience an I-phone or Blackberry trust me you won't want to go back.

I dropped my phone over the Christmas period and cracked the screen sigh! That was it for my temperamental ever so delicate mini computer/phone. It's amazing how dependant you become on technology. I think the feature I miss the most is the blackberry messenger. Texting is so long and you can't really have a big time conversation where as with instant messenger the convo just flows. I miss instant access to my e-mails, uber twitter. I even miss the key pad for pete's sake and didn't realise how uncomfortable it was to text on a normal phone.

I guess this has become a bit of a humbling experience for me and at least I get a mini break from always being contactable. I now use my time just a smidgen more wisely and read a book on my journey to and from work instead of tweeting or faffing about on my crack berry. I may as well enjoy the break while I can as I’m counting down the days until I get it back.


fashionbytes said...

I don't know how ur coping...I'd be climbing the wall by now, crackberry indeed!

Miss Wilson said...

I hear your pain. Soon sister, soon.

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