Friday, 30 October 2009

"Empire State Of Mind" Video

Jay-Z - "Empire State Of Mind" ft. Alicia Keys


MySpace Video

Return Of The Mack

Chris Brown’s back like I knew he would be. I guess enough times passed since the you know what incident and Breezy has continuously apologised. I mean how many times can a person say sorry?!?!?

I was a little sceptical about how people would perceive his comeback, but after seeing his new video all was confirmed. Brown has nothing to worry about. I nearly forgot how good a dancer/singer he is! Some folk have speculated that Chris has to do all he can now before Hurricane Rihanna takes over the world however I don’t think so.

The one thing I’ve got from the whole Chris Brown /Rihanna saga is that regardless of what home boy did. No one can deny that he is a BAD performer! People can hate all they like but he is damn good at what he does. Usher is getting on a bit now and there’s no one else that can contend apart form C Breezy. It made me realise that we need to be at the top of our game and not get too comfortable. Try to perfect your craft at every opportunity and make sure you’re the best at what ever god given talents you have been given. I guess that’s the problem, most of us don’t strive for perfection and just settle with enough to get by. If Chris Brown followed the just get by approach home boy would not be where he is now. think this has to be my video of the month, very strong comeback single!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Matalan Shoe Sale

It's that time of year when the sales are upon us and Matalan hasn't let me down. Here are a few shoes that have gone down in price. I gurantee there will be plenty more to come. I may just be able to get those pink and grey shoe boots after all.

Blue Platform Sandals £14  £7 (These shoes were priced at £70 in Aldo)

Black Snake Tassle Shoe Boot £18 £12 (Also available in pink and purple)

Bronze Lace Up Shoe Boot £8 £2 (Not my cup of tea but for £2 you can't complain)

Studded sandal £14 £7 (Also available in pink)

Snake Platform Shoe Boot £18 £4 ( I may just have to buy these)

Wednesday Throwback

I thought I’d give you a classic on this autumnal Wednesday afternoon, good old Soul For Real. For some reason this song didn’t do as well as “Candy Rain”. I think both songs are as good as each other but it’s the video that swung it for me. I so wanted to be in this video, skating round....."heeey Felicia" but my skating is not on point. I can't even skate backwards - chah! 

I sooo miss the 90's there was so much good authentic music back then and I had not a care in the world. My only concerns were how I was going to style my hair for school lol.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I Love My Red Lipstick!

I finally got my red lipstick- whoo hoo! I had a play around with several different shades over the weekend and discovered Alarm (number 170) in the Rimmel range. Whilst I LOVE M.A.C make-up I didn't see the point in paying up to £11 for lipstick when I can get the same thing for half the price. This one cost me £3.49 a fraction of what M.A.C would have set me back.

I decided to be bold and opted for a more daring colour that popped not your everyday safe red. It is a shade I was almost afraid off but I took the plunge and can't wait to wear it, plus I think it will help enhance my short hair. Once you find the right shade of red you can't go wrong it's a timeless classic!

Just to think back in my school day I wished I was lighter (there goes those insecurities). I now embrace my dark skin tone and love playing with all the colours out there on the market. I just want my orange lippie next and I should be done.
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