Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Shoes on my wish list....

After spotting Victoria Beckham rock a nice black tassel version of Louis Vuitton shoes I wouldn't mind a pair. Though it was Madonna who wore them first in one of her controversial Luis Vuitton adverts. I won’t be buying a pair as I think the hefty price tag would bring on some form of heart failure. So I'll just stick to admiring other celebs wearing them- sigh!!!!!!!!!!

I also love these Gucci Iman shoes! It’s the triple buckle detail around the ankle that makes these shoes so nice, so don’t cover them up with jeans. Now clearly these shoes are not for everyday wear as the heel looks at least six inches high- no way hosey! These shoes are strictly for getting in and out of the car and sitting down in the bar/restaurant with. NOT for walking up and down the high street or raving in unless you are a true solider good luck to ya! Fear not Ladies I bopped into Matalan on Monday and spotted an identical pair for a fraction of the price, £16 to be exact and the heel is relatively smaller. They come in a grey and metallic bronze colour and I’m going to try my up most and refrain from purchasing yet another pair of shoes.

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Matilda Egere-Cooper said...

those shoes are FIERCENESS!

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