Friday, 1 May 2009

Nas & Kelis are Divorcing.....say it ain't so!

NOOO!!!! Kelis and Nas are officially divorcing. There have been rumours that a split was imminent for a while now but I was hoping it was just that…. rumours!!!! This is a sad shame as I liked these two as a couple. Is there something in the water these days as everybody is heading for divorce?!?! It just goes to show marriage is NOT a joke and that it consists of a lot of hard work! The fact that Kelis is seven months pregnant can’t help matters much. That must be one of the hardest aspects about it all, as no doubt they tried through gritted teeth to make things work considering they are soon to have a child together. I hope they can have an amicable friendship/relationship for the sake of their child.

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