Monday, 22 June 2009

Drama Week 7

Only 3 weeks to go and I can see the progression that the whole group has made.... sniff I’m so proud of us all. So next week is the big one the monologue slam the week we have all been preparing for. The week where we gauge whether we have taken anything away from these Drama classes.
Today was all about practicing our one minute monologues and ironing out any problems. I need to memorise my piece by next Monday which won’t be a problem as it’s not that long. Everyone liked my piece and the only advice I was given was to ham it up a bit, in other words K-Hart just act really extra on stage next week. I’m actually looking forward to it now as it will be such an achievement for all of us. Just to think how timid and self-consciousness some of us where when we started 7 weeks ago and to see us now-WOW!
If anybody had asked me last year whether I could see myself performing a drama/speech in front of a room full of strangers they would have got the side-eye. Who me?!?!?!? Not that I thought I wasn't capable, I just couldn't see me putting myself in that kind of situation. As an associate of mine said "when the pupils reading to learn the teacher will come".

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