Monday, 15 March 2010

Bargain Of The Month!

I picked up these shoe/boots in Primark Marble Arch. I didn't intend to buy anything and was actually looking for a replacement pair of brogues. Then I spotted these bad boys in the reduced section, I picked them up and noticed they'd gone down from £15  to £3. Is that not a joke £3 for a pair of shoes? I tried them on and wasn't convinced as they're a bit baggy round the calf. Plus I thought they looked a bit cheap as the zip detail on the side had a pleather ribbon on (which I quickly removed). After trying them on at home and little deliberation I was hooked. The outfits I can wear them with this summer are endless, shorts, leggings, dresses, skirts you name it. Plus the heels not too high so my feet shouldn't start burning any time soon. If push comes to shove I can wear them now with a nice dress and a thick pair of tights.

As you can see they look a lot better on....

I couldn't be bothered to put an outfit together plus my hair needs a perm so there is no way I'm providing a full length shot.


fashionbytes said...

V cute, you always find them good bargains!

Christielove said...

cute shoes

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