Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Random i know but...

When is it acceptable for grown men to have long finger nails? I say never it looks gross! I can understand that in some cultures this may be acceptable or even deemed attractive to some lady folk, notice I said maybe?
This post is triggered by the fact that I was sitting on the tube this evening minding my own business when I couldn’t help but notice that this brother opposite me had long finger nails NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously his nails were longer than mine and my nails aren’t short! I was then captivated throughout my whole journey and could not help but stare lol.
Why on earth would you want your talons longer than the average female?!?! I’m sure it’s not very hygienic for you and when their dirty as well oh lord please don’t get me started. I must admit when ever I’ve seen a guy with long nails it has never been a full set. It is either the pinkie finger or the thumb nail…. is it some secret code for an undercover pimp (just playing). On a serious note I would not advise any guy to grow their nails long as it is NOT a good look, unless you’re Wolverine from X Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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